Safely get the grime off your beautiful Mac with these cleaning tips



While our Macs were designed for power, they were also made for beauty. Sharply rounded edges and fine materials come together to create the computers we know and love. But with normal daily use, dirt and grime can make our Mac workhorses less attractive.

In today’s video, we show you the surprisingly simple steps you can take to relieve your Mac of filth and enjoy a cleaner, better-looking computing experience. Make use of these quick Mac cleaning tips and having a fresh-looking computer will be a cinch.

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  • Jeremiah_Nilsson

    Do it like a pro.

    Miracle-cloth is da shit…

    First miracle-cloth, wet it in warm water under the tap, twist out as much as you can.
    This cloth is now warm – and moist – not wet.
    Wipe over what you need cleaned – glass table, computer, keyboard etc.
    If near computer-stuff, make sure NO DRIPPING

    Then after, you go over it with a dry miracle-cloth, and just wipe away the little
    moist that is left

    No chemicals used, and your desks, cupborards, glass tables are clean.

    • herbaled

      You just posted a useless comment by writing what the video said, and nothing more … except you put in a plug for a brand-name of a micro-fiber cloth. Meanwhile any micro-fiber cloth will do the job.

      • Jeremiah_Nilsson

        Didnt know that “miracle” was copyrighted in any way – is that a brand in US? Here everything with microfiber is a Miraclecloth.

        Second, in that video, they are dipping a cloth in water all the time. Completely unneccecary, water, warm from tap, twist out the water, another cloth, dry, directly after.

        Choose any brand u like, I have no clue what they sell in the US.

      • herbaled

        There is a microfiber cloth brand called Miracle Cloth and I thought that’s what you were referring to. Also, I should have read your post more closely. Actually, I do the same as you … i.e., soak the cloth in warm water and then wring it out well so no water drips.

      • Jeremiah_Nilsson

        Since I learned this (from my wife) I have also thrown out all sorts of cleaner-chemicals.
        Kept one bottle filled with a bit tougher (Ajax is the Swedish brand, ammoniac-based – has a sting if u smell it, citrus-smell added) – that one diluted in a spraybottle (10flOz, add up with just water).

        Saves a pile of money over the year.
        Feels good not buying all that is advertized in TV-commercials…

  • SPQRGuyMontag

    I also like to use a can of air duster first to get under the keys.

  • I never let my Macs get dirty. Ever.

    • herbaled

      So you never use it and keep it in it’s box? Or do you only keep and use your Macs in a laboratory clean room while wearing surgical gloves?

  • Verified Krisbian

    I bought a natural cleaning spray and microfiber cloth. I found it to be really good especially for the screen. It only requires 2 wipes, one wet and one dry and it gets perfect. with just water it took to much effort to get the screen how I wanted it!

    • herbaled

      Don’t you realize some of that “spray” and it’s chemicals will get inside your computer … esp. into the keyboard and maybe the ports. How very not smart of you.

      • Verified Krisbian

        I spray on the cloth always, not on the mac obviously! The cloth will only be slightly damp, no liquid will get inside the keyboars or the ports

      • herbaled

        My bad. I stand corrected. But one thing to consider: no matter how “natural” the cleaning solution, it might leave residue. Plain warm water works great for me with minimal scrubbing … and it’s free and readily available everywhere.