Side-by-side comparison of gaming performance on iPhone 4s vs. iPhone 5c



Ever wonder how badly graphics and gaming performance gets compromised in the hottest apps on older hardware? As it turns out, not very badly at all. Maybe that’s why iOS has become a major gaming platform.

One of the ways in which the iPhone has managed to turn itself into a capable gaming platform is backwards compatibility. Although the newest games on iOS are virtually indistinguishable in terms of graphic performance from games on next-generation consoles, they still run just fine, with few compromises, on older hardware.

To see just how good iOS game developers have become at harnessing the graphical power of even older iOS hardware, look no further than Gameloft’s recent Modern Combat 5. A Modern Warfare clone for iOS, Modern Combat 5 looks like it belongs on an Xbox One or PS4 on the iPhone 5s.

But even on a three-year-old iPhone 4s, it looks great, as the side-by-side video above comparing the two amply proves. Maybe not Xbox One quality, but definitely Xbox 360 quality. Completely remarkable.