Comparison video highlights differences we can expect in iPhone 6


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We’ve seen a couple of videos purporting to show the display of the iPhone 6, but so far mostly just images of the handset’s back panel.

That’s apparently changed today, courtesy of a new video from Tech Tech Info jailbreak tutorial writer Tanner Marsh, who claims to have received an example of the iPhone 6’s back housing component from Apple’s supply chain in China.

The video — which can be viewed below — compares the back assembly enclosure of the 4.7-inch device to Apple’s current generation iPhone 5s.

Provided it’s genuine, the video seems to confirm a lot of what we think we already know about the upcoming iPhone 6: namely its rounded edges, relocated on/off button, and rocker volume buttons. There’s also an interesting detail with the shape of the flash cutout, which changes from the pill-shape introduced with the iPhone 5s, to a rounder cutout.

There’s also a cutout for the logo, which backs up previous reports that the iPhone 6 could feature a MacBook-style glowing Apple logo. Finally, the placement of screw points inside the device housing indicates that the placement of components has shifted radically.

The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 is expected for September this year (possibly September 19), while the larger 5.5-inch “phablet” iPhone 6 is likely to be delayed until December or early 2015.

Source: Besttechinfo

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