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Say goodbye to the OS X Dock. With StatusDuck, you’ll never need it again



If you’re like me, you hate OS X’s Dock. While a useful UI innovation on Apple’s part, the dock takes up a surprising amount of screen real estate on what, in the end, adds up to a superfluous amount of visual fluff.

You can hide your dock, sure, but isn’t there a better alternative to dock? As it turns out, there is… and thanks to a cheap Mac app, that alternative is the Menu Bar.

Called StatusDuck, this app will take all of your Dock’s applications and folders and shove it right into the Menu Bar, disappearing the dock for good. But apps in the Menu Bar still work like Dock Items: you can launch apps, open folders, switch between programs, drag items to the trash, and more.

Basically, then, it’s a convergence: the Dock and Menu Bar in the same visual footprint of the Menu Bar by itself. It’s got some of the same problems as the Menu Bar — most notably, when it gets crowded, it starts looking like Android — but it’s a better alternative to wasting a huge chunk of your screen’s real estate to a UI element that is effectively for show.

Starduck costs $15, usually, but you can check it out for free thanks to a limited trial. If you hate how much space the Dock takes up, you may very well be glad you did.

Source: StatusDuck
Via: Lifehacker