Prepare for throttling: Verizon to curb unlimited data this fall


AOL just got bought by the king of mobile.
AOL just got bought by the king of mobile.
Photo: Verizon

Verizon has announced that it will begin throttling customers still on an unlimited data plan beginning this fall. Until now, Verizon has only throttled 3G data usage, but the new policy will also apply to LTE usage in congested network areas.

While Verizon won’t say it publicly, one of the main goals of throttling is to push customers from grandfathered unlimited plans to the tiered data plans currently in place. Neither AT&T or Verizon offer unlimited data plans anymore, and for years AT&T has been throttling its customers who still have unlimited plans.

LTE throttling on Verizon will begin on October 1st, according to GigaOm. In crowded areas like cities, Verizon will start prioritizing service towards customers on tiered plans.

Verizon says that only the top 5% of its customers on unlimited plans will be affected by the change. The policy will be applied to those who have not renewed their two-year carrier contract, and throttling will be based on your activity per billing period.

Source: GigaOm

  • Rob Alfonso

    I wonder how the customers that pay the highest bill in the industry at Verizon will feel about this. Everyone at Verizon needs to wake up and move to another carrier, you all are getting ripped off, you pay the highest monthly prices and are not even remotely close to being on the fastest network. Verizon claims to be the more reliable but if you are in the slow lane what does that matter, lol. You can’t even be on the phone and surg at the same time on Verizon, you can do that on almost every other carrier except Sprint (who also sucks, but is allot cheaper).

  • scott noble

    Wireless pricing and plans get to be outrageous when you are in a contract on a carrier.
    40$ per phone with unlimited text, talk and a chunk of data to go with it can be found, verizon has to up their game.

    • sigzero

      Sometimes it isn’t the cost. Sometimes it is the service and coverage.

  • Jeff

    Hey verizon, news flash, I’m switching to AT&T as soon as the iphone 6 is out.

    • Dave Atwood

      Who has been throttling for years? Lol genius

      • sigzero

        While I agree with your comment. He is certainly allowed to “vote with his dollars”. If Verizon sees a lot of people moving off maybe it changes the policy. I doubt it would happen but it could happen.

      • Dave Atwood

        Vote doesn’t really count toward that policy if you switch to a carrier with the same policy….trust me Verizon is aware of who is leaving and why.

  • Throttling data usage should be a crime.