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Sharing your iPhone photos just got safer with Overswipe



You know how it is — you want to share that lovely photo of your new puppy, but you really don’t want the person you hand your iPhone to swiping to those over-the-top party photos from your last lost weekend.

Overswipe, a new app from developer Haley & Hughes, aims to solve that very problem in a super intuitive way. All you do is open the app, tap on the photos you want to share, and then hand over the iPhone. Your intended viewer will only see the photos you chose, and won’t be able to swipe into anything super embarrassing.

The free app will ask for access to your Photos, and then display your Camera Roll on your iPhone. You simply tap the photo or photos you want to share and then hit the Display button. The photos you choose show up just like they do in the built-in Photos app, only this time, your viewer is restricted to just the specific photos you shared.

Now, this isn’t a way to hide the really naughty photos; people can still hit the Home button and open your Photos app, thereby seeing all of your images. To hide all of those, you’ll need a photo vault app, or wait for iOS 8’s new photo hiding feature.

For most situations, though, this is a pretty great way to quickly and safely share your photos in everyday situations. Most people will hand your iPhone back when the set of photos is completely swiped through. If not, you might not want to share with them next time.

Overswipe is free and available now for your sharing pleasure.

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Via: TechCrunch