Crystal Baller: Glowing Apple logos, 4K iMacs and 6 other juicy Apple rumors



The Rumor: The iPad mini 3 will be 30% thinner than its predecessor.

The Verdict: Unbelievable. Jony Ive will have to work some impressive sorcery if the tiny iPad mini is really going to drop 30% off its 0.29 inches of thickness.

UDN reports Apple might even slap the Air moniker onto the iPad mini line once it drops a few ounces, but you must be huffing more glue than Charlie Sheen if you think the iPad mini Air could ever be a real Apple product name.

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  • Adrayven

    I hope they cut carriers from the payment system.. Seems silly that carriers were trying to ‘force’ their way in for a piece of the money pie here.. You don’t see other internet providers doing that.. their involvement starts and ends at providing bandwidth.. and should stay that way.

  • Sumeet Sharma

    Glowing Apple Logo would be awesome, but some find it naff
    Here is how the iPhone will look with a glowing logo==>
    The logo will glow when you receive a text message.