Swatch: We aren’t helping Apple make any iWatches



Rumors that Apple might bring fun faces to the iWatch thanks to a partnership with Swatch have already been shot down, after the Swiss watchmaker denied a report claiming it and other watchmakers were helping Apple create a diverse lineup of smartwatches.

A report from Venture beat on Wednesday claimed Swatch, Timex and possibly others, were secretly helping Apple make a whole set of iWatches for all tastes geek to chic, but it appears that Apple is definitely making the iWatch all on its own.

A spokeswoman for Swatch told Reuters on Thursday morning that the VentureBeat report is completely unfounded, and that the only business relationship Swatch has had with any mobile phone makers was to supply integrated circuits and other electronic components.

Rumors of the iWatch’s imminent release have hit a fever pitch in recent months, as Apple competitors like Samsung, LG, Motorola and Google have all revealed their own plans to take over your wrist. Apple has been willing to bid it’s time, with the latest rumors claiming the big reveal won’t happen until October 2014 at the earliest.

Swatch’s CEO has claimed in multiple interviews over the past year that the company isn’t rushing to be one of the first to introduce a smartwatch, and that’s he’s concerned such a device would be dependent on software and applications.

Even though Apple isn’t tag-teaming on the iWatch with Swatch that doesn’t mean a lot of Swiss watch-making know-how won’t go into Apple’s new wearable. The company has reportedly been poaching executives at Swiss watch companies like Hublot, Tag Heuer, Swatch, and others.