UpWord Notes update makes the built-in Notes app even more redundant


UpWord Notes 2

I was pretty pumped about UpWord Notes when it came out back in February, and it’s still the first place I go when I need to jot something down. Meanwhile, my iPhone’s onboard Notes app just languishes in a folder marked “Trash” because I can’t delete it.

Developer Lau Brothers is dropping Version 2.0 of UpWord Notes on us today, and it includes several new features that make the app even more fun and useful.

For example, you can now choose to drag and drop your lists to reorder them instead of the app just putting the most recently updated ones at the top. The excellent swipe features also got an upgrade; you don’t have to take that extra second to place the cursor before you cross something off your list. Instead, you just swipe directly on a line, and the item you’re modifying will pull to the right so you know you have the right one. The app now also supports Evernote (in addition to Dropbox) for list syncing, so you really have no excuse for forgetting to pick up milk on your way home.

In the “fun” department — which, by the way, is the only department I’ve ever wanted to work for — UpWord 2.0 adds interaction sounds, new color themes and alarm sounds. Some of these are only available via in-app purchase, but the base app is going to be free for a limited time, and you can do everything you need to from there.

If you don’t have UpWord Notes yet, you can grab it for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in the App Store.

  • AnthonyBaker

    So many notes apps. So, how does this compare to Simplenote or Vesper or whatnot? Does it offer syncing or sharing in the way Simplenote does?

    • Evan Killham

      You can sync to Dropbox or Evernote (new in 2.0), and you can share via text or e-mail.

      • Daniel Lau

        Really honored by your review Evan. Glad you find upword so useful!

    • Daniel Lau

      Hi dev of upword here. The swipe gestures make upword the best place for lists and to-dos, and nobody else integrates reminders in such a seamless way. I like to think upword makes daily notes more productive.

      Happy to answer any further questions, and all the functionality is part of the free download. IAP’s are all related to color and font customization.

      – Daniel

  • David Fabian

    UpWord uses Dropbox for syncing, it also has a nice reminder feature.

  • Brady Wurtz

    i’m sorry, but how is this any different than the Notes app or the Reminders app on the phone already? Does this app do more than letting you write down things, and rearrange them in a list? (which is exactly what Reminders does)

    • Christopher Lau

      Hi Brady,

      I’m a co-developer of UpWord, and I also used to use the default Notes & Reminders apps. Here’s why UpWord is better:

      – UpWord puts reminders and notes in one app together. It’s easier to save any thought for later.

      – I often use notes to save lists. UpWord’s swipe gestures makes plaintext so much faster and easier. Also, the additional formatting options let me outline my thoughts.

      – Ironically, it is faster to set a reminder in UpWord than in the Reminders app. This encourages me to set more reminders and forget less often.

      Hope that helps? I’ll keep an eye out for any more questions.


  • mythofechelon

    Does it have support for Exchange notes like the Notes app does?

    • Christopher Lau

      Hm, I’ve never synced my default Notes to Exchange. What is the result? Is it like syncing to Gmail, where the notes are viewable in Gmail but not editable?

      For now, you can access your UpWord notes anywhere via Dropbox and EverNote sync. It does have folders / sub-folders / favorites to organize your notes much better than the default Notes app.

      • Reg Ward

        Hi Daniel and Christopher, looks like a really nice app, and thanks v much for answering questions here.

        I’m interested in the remark on the app description that UpWord works with TaskPaper and FoldingText.

        I love those two – but I can’t find any more info about how UpWord actually interfaces with either of them. Could you please elaborate or point me to the relevant instructions somewhere?

        Thanks v much,

      • Christopher Lau

        Hey Reg,

        UpWord uses plaintext .txt files, so you can use any Taskpaper or FoldingText note with UpWord.

        Here’s 2 more UpWord features that are awesome for TP and FT. Turn them on in “Advanced Settings ->Experimental Features”:

        1) UpWord can use the “@done” syntax of TP and FT. You can swipe your to-do’s “@done” while on the go.

        2) 2 finger swipe will indent any line with a tab. This lets you create the outline formatting that is so useful in TP and FT.

        One caveat is that UpWord syncs to its own folder in Dropbox, so you need to keep your files in that folder to use them with UpWord. We’re working on more great stuff for the TaskPaper and FoldingText users out there!

        – Chris

      • Reg Ward

        Excellent – just had a play.

        Is there any chance you’ll be implementing the “focus” aspect of FoldingText? i.e. to select a tag and then see only items tagged similarly?

        Thanks for the response,

      • Christopher Lau

        Yes, some kind of tagging or color grouping system is on the roadmap. But it is going to be a while before we get there, as we’re going to work onDesktop and iPad versions first.

      • mythofechelon

        It works pretty well – notes are synced quickly and fully editable on iOS, Outlook, OWA, etc. The only bad thing is how primitive notes look in Outlook, even in 2013.