Apple is bringing its OS X Yosemite beta to the public tomorrow



Listen up, Mac users! Apple is gearing up to release its first public beta of OS X Yosemite tomorrow, July 24, giving those without a developer account the opportunity to get their hands on it for the first time. Only the first 1 million people who sign up will gain access to the pre-release software, however, so if you haven’t already, submit your details today.

The news comes from The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple, who was given the information at a meeting with Apple earlier this week. Dalrymple reports that the initial public beta will be exactly the same as the build currently being tested by registered developers, but it won’t be updates as often.

Developers need access to the very latest software so that they can ensure that their apps and games are compatible with it, but of course, that’s not something consumers have to worry about. But you’ll still get to try out Yosemite and all of its new features in advance of its final release this fall.

You’ll also get the opportunity to provide Apple with your feedback. A “Feedback Assistant” app will be bundled with public beta builds, Dalrymple reports, through which you’ll be able to share your experiences with Apple. It’s particularly important to report bugs and things that are broken so that Apple can fix them before Yosemite ships.

Before you go ahead and install Yosemite, be aware that it is still in development. It may not play nicely with all off the applications you use, and although it is very stable, things can still go wrong. You should not install beta releases on your primary Mac, then, but instead on a secondary machine that you don’t rely on.

The Yosemite public beta will get software updates, and those testing it will have the opportunity to upgrade to the final version through the Mac App Store when it’s available this fall.

You’ll need to sign up for the Yosemite public beta program using your Apple ID to get your hands on the software. Only the first 1 million people will be invited to try it, so be sure to register your interest now.

Via: The Loop

  • Jerry Suppan

    Will this be installable as a VM in Parallels?

    • R3sp3ctfu1Gam3r

      I would assume so. If you can install it onto its own partition then there shouldn’t be any issue with using it in Parallels or VM.

  • Jay

    Any thoughts will this be just a renamed Dev Preview 4 (Public Beta) release or will it have any fixed bugs (discovered since Monday/time they packaged dp4) like a Dev Preview 5 but known as a Public Beta? And would they remove any features that they don’t think is safe to out yet? (i.e: Continuity, Spotlight Web Results). And would they add the extensions page on the Mac AppStore.
    Would be nice if updated its theme to a more OS X 10.10/iOS 7/8 style. The shiny grey nav bar looks a bit dated with it’s future OS improvement :S