5 basic iOS tips everyone needs to know



iPhones and iPads are remarkably simple to use. And yet they are also incredibly powerful — and incredibly complicated — devices. Sometimes getting them to do exactly what you want isn’t as straightforward as you might like.

In today’s video, we show you five basic iOS tips that will make using your mobile Apple devices much easier. Edit documents, keep snoops at bay and more by using these easy and effective tips that every iOS owner should know.

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  • LordQuad

    Some …a couple definitely well known tips, but the ‘double’ touch on text instead of single click n drag, that’s HUGE! As well, the notification ‘mute’ via pull down wasn’t one I was aware of as a ‘global’ notification ‘mutification’ option as well. Thanks for sharing, and those of you advanced iOS users not ‘clicking’ the Play button because, obviously there’s ‘nothing’ you couldn’t already know about your iPhone, iPod or iPad…think agin! As i have owned each of the iPhones and iPads, many generations of iPods and two of the five were brand new to me. :)

    • Joshua Smith

      Wow thanks @LordQuad:disqus I appreciate you viewing the video and showing your support. That means a lot. Only more great videos like this are on the way. #StayTuned

  • Keir Thomas

    Four out of five of the tips in this video appeared in a piece I wrote for Macworld on 9th June. The tips are very obscure and I find it highly unlikely this is a coincidence. Joshua, stealing stuff is NOT cool. http://www.macworld.co.uk/feature/iphone/20-surprising-iphone-ipad-tricks-tips-3529806/

    • Joshua Smith

      Sorry @keir_thomas:disqus , but I honestly never saw your list. Those are just 5 iOS tips that I use every day. I’m sorry for the confusion.