MacBook Air update solves issues with sleep and blasting fans


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Grab a great deal on a refurbished MacBook Pro Ivy i5 Dual 13" Laptop.
Photo: Cult of Mac

If you have a MacBook Air from mid-2011, you may have noticed intermittent issues where your laptop has a harder time waking up from sleep mode than it normally would have done, and when it does, the fans might loudly blast as if the whole laptop were on fire.

Although rare, these issues have been afflicting customers for at least the last couple of years. But it seems like Apple has finally figured out what’s wrong, as a new update today specifically for mid-2011 MacBook Air owners fixes the longstanding issues.

On Monday, Apple released the MacBook Air EFI Firmware Update 2.9 for Mid 2011 MacBook Air. Here’s the patch notes:

This update is recommended for MacBook Air (Mid 2011) models. This update addresses an issue where systems may take longer to wake from sleep than expected and fixes a rare issue that may cause fans to run at full speed after waking from sleep.

The update weighs in at a svelte 4.3 megabytes, and can be downloaded directly from Apple’s website, or through Software Update or the Mac App Store.

Have any of you had sleep problems or fan problems on your 2011 MacBook Air? Did the EFI update solve your problems? Let us know in the comments.

  • bobthenob

    I’m having issues with my 2010 13″ MacBook Pro … 50% of the time it won’t wake from sleep. Infuriating. All you can do is force it to shut down by holding the power button. I’ve tried every known cure … PRAM / PMU resets, changing sleep modes, installed an SSD, ran a full RAM check, even did a clean install of 10.6 since I read somewhere that this seemed to start happening at 10.7. Nada. I keep meaning to take it to a Genius, but just can’t find the time (it’s a ‘living room’ laptop, so rebooting sux, but isn’t killer).

    • emcampbe

      I’m having a similar issue with my 2011 MacBook Pro – though I’d say the instances of it happening are closer to 5 – 10% of the time it won’t wake up from sleep. I’ve done everything you have except for going back to an older OS, but especially since in my case, its only occasional, its easier to deal with it.

  • wakeupmymac

    Update won’t install on my Macbook Air 4.2 (mid 2011)
    It downloads and “installs” but after a reboot the old version is still showing under System Information. Going back into the Mac App Store, the update shows up as both “installed in the last 30 days” and new “update available” – reinstalling a second time just adds it twice to the “installed in the last 30 days” section whilst still appearing in the new “updates available” section – weird! Please fix apple!

    • Thomas

      Same thing happened to me

      • Alexandre Bühler

        Also to me.

      • Thomas

        I think Apple fixed it because now there aren’t any updates available on my MacBook…

  • geekywayne

    The update is only available for os x version 10.9 or later. I don’t want to update from Lion (10.7),so I assume I am out of luck?

  • thatboy

    This doesn’t come up on my updates and I have the mid-2011 MBA… :(