Netflix finally brings most-wanted feature to Apple TV



Binge watchers rejoice! Netflix has answered one the biggest complaints many have had for its Apple TV app.

Netflix has finally brought “Post-Play” to the Apple TV, a feature that automatically queues up and plays the next episode of a TV show while the current one ends. Post-Play has been present on the web, Netflix’s iOS app in the App Store, and many other platforms that offer Netflix for a long time. It’s finally on the Apple TV.

Right before the credits roll on a TV episode, a little box appears on the right showing the title of the next episode, a quick plot summary, and a timer countdown to when it will play. You can also choose to manually play with the “Play Next Episode” button or browse the season’s list of episodes.

Netflix redesigned its icon on the Apple TV, and it’s nice to see such a big part of the service finally make its way to Apple’s set-top box.

  • Derek Schlicker

    Now if we could skip the three minute intro song, I’d be set.

    • Windlasher

      Why can’t you ? Hold down the right arrow. After a few times you know when to let go.

      • Derek Schlicker

        That sounds like an awful lot of work. Can’t we just have a flag in the account settings to skip the intro song? Come on man who has time for to click the right arrow a few times..

  • dminorsound

    Has it stopped working for anyone? I was able to use it on Monday, but yesterday it was no longer an option. The episode would just end and return to the episode details page.

    • Richard Sauerzopf

      It has stopped for me too. When the new feature first appeared, on Monday, several bloggers speculated that it was just a test, and that it might come and go before being made a permanent feature. They based their remarks on the fact that Netflix has done this sort of thing before, and that they had not made any sort of official announcement about it. Now, at last, the service does appear as being included with Netflix’s Apple TV interface. Yet, there is still no general announcement from the firm. I am expecting therefore that the fature will reappear, and permanently so, in the very near future, and perhaps even today… It seems indeed that what we experienced was a “test,” and so a preview of coming attractions!.

  • Ughhh! I hate this feature on Roku and now I am getting it forced on me via Apple TV. I like to ponder a bit the final scene, read the credits, decompress from the show if its intense. Suddenly having a ticking timer pop up with the next episode auto-playing is auto-annoying