Get an essential universal car mount for your iPhone – take your pick! [Deals]



Our world is a connected one. Nearly everyone has a mobile device and we are expected to be connected at all times. When we are driving, though, it’s not safe to be holding our smartphones while making calls. In some places it’s even illegal. That’s why it is important to have a mounting device in your car that keeps your attention on the road instead of on your phone.

For a mounting device, you can’t go wrong with either The Universal Car Mount or The GripGo, now available and priced right at Cult of Mac Deals.

Universal Car Mount: Drive Hands Free w/ A 360° Adjustable Fit

The Universal Car Mount easily adheres to your car’s windshield so your phone is prominently displayed in your line of site while driving, and the mount can rotate 360 degrees to face all passengers, either in the front seat or in the back of the vehicle.

With the Universal Car Mount, you can dial your phone, talk, and hang up without ever moving your hands away from the steering wheel.

Installation of the Universal Car Mount is easy as pie and, as the name suggests, it’ll fit any vehicle and any mobile phone or phone sized device such as the iPhone, iPod, and Android handsets.

Right now, the Universal Car Mount is only $14 at Cult of Mac Deals.

The GripGo Universal Car Mount For Your Handheld Devices

The GripGo is a universal mounting bracket that is unlike any other. It features a unique polymer surface that grips your handheld device with the strength of a gorilla. When you want to detach your smartphone, simply peel it off the mount with no sticky residue left behind. The polymer surface keeps its hold strong but, if it ever gets dusty or dirty, simply rinse it off and it’s good as new.

The GripGo features an 8 inch boom mount and has 360° pivoting capabilities that allow you to tap away without your device moving around, and always get the perfect viewing angle.

Get The GripGo Universal Car Mount for just $13.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

  • Inon

    Or you can buy it on Ebay for $2.

  • MobAssault

    I lost my phone because exactly this grip breaks on the middle on my motorbike. Thank you for offer.