Get your photographic and video lighting right every time with The KICK [Deals]



In order to take breathtaking still pictures and earth shattering video, you need to have the proper lighting conditions. No one will see your fantastic photographic subject if the room is too dark. A lack of sufficient lighting also won’t do your videos any justice.

Now you can have the right lighting every time with The KICK. The KICK is a totally new way of lighting your photos and videos to make sure you get perfect exposure every time. It’s just like having a studio in your pocket, and it’s available for just $149 at Cult of Mac Deals.

The KICK is around the size of a smartphone and features a rechargeable panel of 40 adjustable RGB LED lights. At 400 Lumens, it’ll handle pretty much all of your photographic lighting needs. The KICK is also intelligent, once you pair it with the free KICK app for iOS and Android. The app provides completely adjustable brightness, color temperature, animated light, and built-in video effects.

Here are just some of the features of The KICK:

  • 1,000 Ways To Light: Create countless colors, adjust brightness, or use the built-in effects.
  • Works With Any Camera: Smartphones, DSLR cameras, compact cameras and more.
  • Manual or App-Controlled: Use it standalone, or use the iOS/Android app to take full control.
  • Multi-Control: Link multiple KICKs via WiFi, and remote control them via the app.
  • Portable Size: Small and lightweight enough to take along everywhere.
  • Tripod Mount-Capable: If it’s time to get serious
  • Rechargeable: Built-in Li-ion battery, with USB charging cable included

Read more about The KICK here.

Check out The KICK, just $149, at Cult of Mac Deals today and get your photographic lighting right every time.

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