iPad mini gets soft around the edges in these gorgeous mockups



Concept designer extraordinaire Martin Hajek is a master of taking rumors and images about forthcoming Apple products and using them to create stunning design concepts.

With that in mind, he’s borrowed the new, rounded design language seen in many of the iPhone 6 leaks, and adapted it to show us what an upgraded iPad mini could conceivably look like in the same style. To make it more authentic, he’s also incorporated the reports of added Touch ID, which we’ve heard from multiple sources is expected in the next wave of iPads.

As with pretty much all of Hajek’s designs, the results are outstandingly authentic-looking — and offer a tantalizing glimpse at what Apple’s next miniature tablet might look like.

Would you buy one? I absolutely would.

Check out some of the designs below. For good measure, Hajek has even included a 4.7-inch mock-up iPhone 6 to show how the next two iOS product lines could sit together.




Comparing the proposed “soft” design with the current generation model.

Source: Martin Hajek


    I like it!

  • itpromike

    meh, original 2013 model looks better.

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