Crystal Baller: Fuel cell powered iPhones and 7 other silly Apple rumors



Six crazy new iPhone 6 rumors are ready for the crystal ball treatment this week.

We get slammed 24/7 with new Apple rumors. Some are accurate, most are not. To give you a clue about what’s really coming out of Cupertino in the future, we’re busting out our rumor debunker each week to blow up the nonsense.

The onslaught of ridiculous iPhone 6 rumors continues this week with reports claiming a huge megapixel boost is coming thanks to a new camera sensor. We’ve also heard whispers of week-long battery life coming soon, seen glimpses a possible iPhone 6 TouchID, and heard new details on the iWatch coming in different sizes this fall.

There’s even some new reports of production delays with the 5.5-inch iPhone 6, but you’ll have to gaze deep into our crystal ball to find out who the hell really knows what’s going on with Apple’s iPhablet.

Never ending battery life

The Rumor: Fuel cell powered MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads are only a few years away.

The Verdict: Unlikely. British fuel cell firm Intelligent Energy is supposedly working on a secret partnership that would give your iPhone weeklong battery life, thanks to embedded fuel cell technology. The company has long had ties with Apple, but unless a revolutionary way to refill fuel cells has been invented that doesn’t require hauling all your iOS devices to a gas station, I’d rather see a really simple and efficient wireless charging added to the iPhone.

TBWA get the smackdown

The Rumor: Apple’s long-time ad agency TBWA is getting the axe.

The Verdict: Breaking up is hard to do, but this one is just a matter of time.

Despite creating some of Apple’s most iconic ads over the last three decades, TBWA has been on Apple’s hate-list lately, even if it’s party Samsung’s fault. TBWA’s ads are even getting better reviews than those from Apple’s in-house team, but with rumors swirling that the mothership is arming itself with a 1,000 man marketing army, I expect we’ll see Apple’s account finally switch over to a new agency within the next 12 months.

Sapphire is only for the high-end

The Rumor: Only 64GB iPhone 6 units will come with Sapphire crystal displays.

The Verdict: Apple might as well not even add the Sapphire displays if this is true. Luckily, this rumor, which made its way to us via some sketchy analysts in Korea, has as good a chance to come true as Vladamir Putin has a shot of winning the US Presidency in 2016.

I mean, you never know what Vlady the Bearhunter is going to do, so I wouldn’t totally rule it out, but it’s unlikely.

Durable TouchID shows off its holes

The Rumor: The iPhone 6’s Touch ID sensor has been leaked.

The Verdict: Probably. These pictures are so pixelated though it’s impossible to see what major improvements have been made to make it more durable, but there is the oh-so-tantalizing glimpse of the TouchID mounting screws being moved from the top of the power cable to the bottom.

iWatches in sizes for everyone

The Rumor: iWatch will come in three different sizes.

The Verdict: This rumor looks promising. Apple will at least need different band sizes for men, women and kids, but they could also be developing three completely different models, according to this rumor, which claims iWatch will come with options for a 1.8-inch or 1.6-inch display.

Sapphire crystal glass will supposedly only be used on the 1.8-inch iWatch so that it’s the most durable of the bunch, but with Apple’s plant in Mesa pumping out enough sapphire to pave America's highways, it seems unlikely Apple will only include it on some units, rather than adding it to all iWatches and iPhones.

iPhone 6 camera sensor will be a megapixel beast

The Rumor: Sony’s new Exmor IMX220 sensor will boost the iPhone 6 camera to 13MP.

The Verdict: Don’t get too excited iPhotogs. Chinese forums are usually the absolutely worst place to source a rumor, but GforGames is backing this one, saying it has a solid track-record of dishing Sony info. Earlier rumors claimed the iPhone 6 camera would only see a modest upgrade though, and Apple hasn’t been eager to jump into the megapixel wars.

The new Sony sensor can support up to 20MP, but the rumor claims Apple will only use it at 13MP. That would give it the power to record 1080p videos with a 3840 x 1080 resolution, making it pretty appealing for 4k fans, but it’s more likely that Apple just adds better low light performance, improved coloring, and sharper focus.


The iPhablet might not land until 2015?

The Rumor: Production issues could delay the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 until 2015.

The Verdict: Over Tim Cook’s dead body. Ming-Chi Kuo’s reports are sometimes reliable (high praise in the world of Apple analysts), but his latest also claims the 4.7-inch iPhone won’t get a sapphire display, even though we’ve seen convincing evidence to the contrary.

Pushing the iPhablet to 2015 would be a huge blow to Apple’s 2014 product pipeline that’s expected to be the best in 25 years, but at this point, we also haven’t seen any physical evidence that it’s really on the way either.

Wait, maybe the iPhablet isn't delayed...

The Rumor: Production on the 5.5-inch iPhone is actually going to start in August after all.

The Verdict: No one knows what the hell Apple is doing with the 5.5-inch iPhone. Reuters cites local media in its latest report that the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 will enter production in the second week of August, while the 4.7-inch will start on the third week of July.

It’s hard to see Apple waiting until 2015 to release the iPhablet, and Ming Chi-Kuo has been wrong quite a few times, so maybe his info on the delays is off. However, we still haven’t seen a single component leak for the 5.5-incher, even though you can already build your own 4.7-inch iPhone 6 out of the river of leaked parts flowing out of Shenzhen.

Could it be that the iPhablet rumors have been wrong the entire time?

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  • aardman

    Re fuel cells. You recharge with ampoules or canisters of hydrogen, ethanol or whatever specified fuel that you slide into a slot and then eject and replace when it’s depleted. With mass production, the cost could get down to cents per refill?

  • Robert Trance

    Fuel cell research is actually ongoing real scientific research for future devices as solution to li-ion ones. Apple got into that research actively as partner. So, that isn’t so far fetched.
    Do you guys do actual research about a topic or just spitting out own ASSumptions??