Capture stunning aerial HD video with the DJI Phantom FC40 [Deals]


The FAA is trying to address glitches in its new online drone registration process.
The FAA is trying to address glitches in its new online drone registration process.
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Most of us take videos from time to time. You know, the kind of videos that are taken from boring, ground based, vantage points. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have the freedom to take high definition videos from any angle or elevation?

Meet the DJI Phantom FC40 drone. Using its on-board Smart Camera, you can record just about any event from one stunning perspective after another. Now, the DJI Phantom FC40 can be yours for the very low price of $499 at Cult of Mac Deals. As an added bonus, use the promo code phantom50 to get an additional $50 off, for a final price of $449!

You too can take exciting home movies with the DJI Phantom FC40. The on board high definition camera is capable of shooting at 720p/30fps. You can even connect to the 2.4G Wi-fi camera with your smartphone so you can see a live video feed from the ground.

You don’t even need to be an expert flier to have fun with this drone. It is exceptionally easy to control the DJI Phantom FC40 and it has built in features, such as “auto-hover”, which protect your investment just in case you do experience a bit of pilot error.

Here are some of the drone’s amazing features:

  • Built-In Smart Camera: 2.4G camera shoots 720p/30fps HD video. Live camera feed via Wi-Fi up to 980 feet away.
  • Ready To Fly Design: Minimal GPS setup required, excellent for beginners.
  • Remote Control Unit: 5.8GHz remote control that operates up to 1640 feet away.
  • Failsafe Autopilot: Automatic GPS-based ‘go home’ landing feature.

Click here to read more about the specs of the DJI Phantom FC40 or the offer’s terms and conditions.

If you are serious about making incredible home videos or you just want to have some summer fun, you need to check out the DJI Phantom FC40, only $499 at Cult of Mac Deals. Don’t forget, use promo code phantom50 to get another $50 off for an amazingly low price of just $449.

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