5 powerful apps that blow away Apple’s stock iOS tools



The iPhone comes preloaded with many stock applications, but not all are as powerful as you wish they’d be. Luckily there are tons of developers pushing new apps into the App Store, and many of their creations upstage the stock iOS applications.

In today’s video we take a look at five iOS apps that can easily replace baked-in Apple apps and enhance your iPhone experience. Look at weather in more detail, refresh your music player and more with these powerful apps.

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  • Jack Holland

    Hi Josh

    Love your posts.

    How about Pure as an improvement on Camera ? Better than Camera+, I reckon.

    Incidentally, I think Ecoute is pronounced aycoot rather than ecowt. It’s French for ‘listen’, and if it had the accent on the end would be pronounced aycootay.


  • William Donelson

    Why make us watch a video with NO TEXT alternative. Bad form.

  • pax

    Hi Josh

    I have Clear and Dark Sky. I love Dark Sky and even showed to my cousins and loved it too. Very accurate.

    I also have these apps like Camera! which has a timer so taking selfie is not a problem even for group pictures. Another one is Slice where I get notifications whenever my online orders are delivered thus making me rush infront of the door to take the package, lol. And the Runtastic Pro is a very useful as an exercise app whether running or walking.

    So these are the apps I can share with you. Check them out.

  • Rolandbk

    I am interested in the subject but I don’t want to watch video. Let me know if you have a written summary. Thank you very much!

  • KJA

    High priced alternatives to the free apps. There are may free apps that function similarly