Turn your favorite tunes into ringtones with quick iTunes tip



With so many people in the world having iPhones with the same ringtones, hearing a ringer go off can be irritating and confusing. The iTunes Store sells ringtones, but they can become quite expensive if you like switching things up a lot.

In today’s video, we show you how to solve this annoying problem by creating your own free ringtones in iTunes. Just follow these simple steps to separate yourself from the crowd instantly.

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4 responses to “Turn your favorite tunes into ringtones with quick iTunes tip”

  1. Dane Greening says:

    Thanks for the ring tone tip. But I really wanted to say nice tune you picked – Uno Uno Seis.

  2. Larry Larson says:

    Isn’t there a maximun time length for a ringtone?

  3. noway123456 says:

    Yea any song can be a ringtone, but if you got a microphone and an audio editor and some time, you can make personalized ringtones.

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