Snapchat may have finally found a way to make money with Geofilters


Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 2.55.59 PM

Today Snapchat introduced Geofilters, which are location-based stickers that can be quickly applied to a snap by swiping once to the left after you take a picture. The feature could finally provide a revenue model for the startup that turned down a $3 billion offer from Facebook.

In the promo video, stickers for places like a locally-owned coffee shop and Disneyland are shown. It’s easy to imagine small and big brands paying to have their own Geofilters, especially if their logos can be prominently displayed.

For Geofilters to work, Snapchat users will need to let the app access the iPhone’s Location Services. In its blog post, Snapchat stresses that it does not store its users’ locations.

You’ll only see Geofilters in areas of New York and Los Angeles to begin with, but Snapchat has plans to expand where they’re offered around the world.

Combine Geofilters with Our Story, another recent feature addition that combines multiple Snapchat stories from the same location, and Snapchat has some interesting monetization opportunities.

Companies are creating Snapchat accounts because of how directly they can engage users. A brand-owned account coupled with a filter that knows when you’ve entered its store could be a great way for companies to get in on a new way to advertise.