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So you don't have to slog through a lake of reviews to find something you’re just going to put down after 10 minutes, Cult of Mac has waded through the iTunes Store to compile a list of the best new books, movies and music to come out this week.

This week we've found some soulful garage rock, a book to cure your summer wanderlust and a documentary about the world's biggest movie fan (made by the top names in the industry).


Shattered - Reigning Sound

Reigning Sound hasn’t released a new album in five years, but their musical craft is dialed in better than ever on Shattered, which features soulful garage rock that’s better than what everybody else is doing. If you’re not familiar with Reigning Sound, this the best album to fix that.

iTunes - $9.99

Unruly Places by Alastair Bonnett

If you’ve got a serious case of summer wanderlust, you should go on an exploration of some of the world’s most unexpected and offbeat places in Alastair Bonnett’s Unruly Places. The writer's incredible tour includes places like moving villages, secret cities, no man’s lands and floating islands that will reinspire your geographical imagination.

iTunes - $11.99


If the release of Rio 2 doesn’t have you perking with excitement, Teenage — an insightful documentary about the chasm between adults and youth — just landed on iTunes. It's a hypnotic rumination on the genesis of youth culture, from the end of the 19th century through the first half of the 20th.

iTunes - $4.99

The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness

The final installment of Harkness’ best-selling All Souls Trilogy is finally here, bringing witch historian Diana Bishop and her vampiric husband back from their adventures in England to face a whole new set of problems as they look for the final missing pages of the Book of Life — a mystical manuscript that contains the key to the origin of all supernatural beings.

iTunes - $11.99

Complete Surrender - Slow Club

Slow Club earned lots of comparisons to The White Stripes when they came out with their confident, folk-poppy debut, So Yeah, in 2009. Subsequent albums moved the duo to a richer, more diverse tone, though, and Complete Surrender continues the trend with some heavy doses of soul, making this one of best new summer albums for when you're ready to kick back and relax.

iTunes - $7.99

Life Itself

No one loved movies more than Roger Ebert, so it's only fitting that Martin Scorsese and one of the most acclaimed documentary directors, Hoop Dreams helmer Steve James, teamed up for Life Itself. The documentary, based on Ebert’s memoir of the same name, recounts the inspiring life of the Pulitzer Prize-winning film critic and dishes out a story that’s funny, painful and transcendent.

iTunes - $6.99


Mandatory Fun - "Weird Al" Yankovic

"Weird Al" Yankovic has been belting out novelty parody albums longer than I’ve been breathing, but there’s not a soul alive that can match him in a battle of satiric songy wit. The shtick might be getting a bit old, but seeing as how Mandatory Fun will probably be the last complete LP Yankovic releases, it’s worth a spin, if only to get reacquainted with the ridiculous dude that made songs by Chamillionaire and Coolio accessible for the teenage nerd scene.

iTunes - $9.99


The timeless story of Noah building a big-ass boat, gathering pairs of all the animals, and floating off into a new world purged of the horrific evils of man gets an upgrade with Russell Crowe donning the biblical prophet's mantle. This wild reimagining of the classic apocalyptic tale might not thrill you with its predictable plot, but the effects will blow you away even if Ray Winstone’s perfectly evil performance as Tubal-cain doesn’t.

iTunes - $19.99

Seconds by Bryan Lee O'Malley

Four years after the last Scott Pilgrim book hit the shelves, creator Bryan Lee O’Malley is back with a brand new graphic novel, Seconds, and it’s full of nerdy awesomeness. This time around, O’Malley’s hero is a talented young female chef named Katie who’s in search of a second chance, and gets it in the form of magical mushrooms that can take her life from bad to good to perfect.

iTunes - $12.99

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