Crystal Baller: iPhone 6 has a ‘secret weapon’ and 7 other crazy Apple rumors



This week's Apple rumors are crazy for the iPhone 6

We get slammed 24/7 with new Apple rumors. Some are accurate, most are not. To give you a clue about what’s really coming out of Cupertino in the future, we’re busting out our rumor debunker each week to blow up the nonsense.

iPhone 6 rumor season is in full bloom this week with a rash of rumors spilling new details on everything from improved battery life, sapphire displays’ extreme durability, SIM trays, and even the robot army that will help assemble Apple’s newest smartphone.

This week we were also treated to new tidbits on the production schedules of the iWatch and next-gen MacBook Airs, but you’ll have to step right up to our crystal ball to see which of these rumors are the real deal, and which are just a bunch of smoke and mirrors.

Indestructible iPhone displays

The Rumor: The Sapphire crystal display on the iPhone 6 will be nearly indestructible.

The Verdict: This looks like some serious sorcery. YouTuber Marques Brownlee got his hands on an iPhone 6 sapphire display, which comes away completely unscathed from his brutal stress test. If this is the real deal, I will finally be able to go six months without shattering my iPhone.

iPhone 6 bares its soul

The Rumor: This is the inside of the iPhone 6 rear shell.

The Verdict: Looks like the real deal. We’ve already seen a number of rear shell leaks, but these pics from Feld and Volk show detail on the complex internal components, even though the part is still unfinished. You can watch the entire video on Feld and Volk’s YouTube channel, which includes two enthralling shots of a SIM tray squeezing its way into the body.

More Macbooks, more problems.

The Rumor: The next MacBook Air may have hit a speed bump.

The Verdict: The future looks cloudy. Intel’s Broadwell U 2+3 dual-core chips are likely planned for use in the next MacBook Air and 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro, but V-R Zone reports there have been production delays, meaning units might not ship until February 2015. If you’ve been dying for those Retina MacBook Air rumors to finally come true, you probably will have a few extra months of waiting to do.

Ludites beware, the robots are here.

The Rumor: Foxconn is enlisting an army of robots to help assemble the iPhone 6.

The Verdict: The robo-revolution is here. To speed up iPhone assembly, Foxconn has created 10,000 ‘Foxbots’ that can assemble around 30,000 iPhones each. Robots have been used to help automate the assembly process for years, but this is the biggest investment Foxconn has made yet, with each Foxbot costing around $20,000 - $25,000 a piece.

Bigger screen, same battery life

The Rumor: iPhone 6 will only get modest battery gains (if any at all).

The Verdict: Say it ain’t so? All I want is an iPhone I never ever have to plug in (or at least just once a day), but that’s not coming this year, reports Chinese site Sohu, whose supply chain sources says the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will get a 1800mAh battery. That is bigger than the iPhone 5s’ 1570 mAh battery, but all that extra juice will go towards powering the iPhone’s bigger display.

Photo: Paul Hudson

Three little SIM card trays

The Rumor: These may or may not be the SIM trays for the iPhone 6

The Verdict:Yahtzee! We have a winner for this week’s stupidest iPhone 6 leak. Ok sure, maybe this does verify that the iPhone 6 will come in 3 colors (white, gold, and space grey) just like the iPhone 5s. Other than that, the only thing this leak reveals is how fast Apple fanboys get frothy with anticipation anytime you slap an “iPhone 6” label at the end of some volume and power flex cables.


The iPhone 6's secret weapon...

The Rumor: Haptic feedback will be the secret weapon of the iPhone 6.

The Verdict: Don’t get your hopes up. Asian supply sources have told Laoyaoba that the next iPhone will have advanced haptic feedback so tapping an onscreen button feels like a physical buttons. The feedback motors being used are supposedly more advanced than anything used in current smartphone. They also cost 3 times as much. But unless they take up minimal space, it’s unlikely Apple will add this gimmicky feature.

iWatch production delays

The Rumor: iWatch production won’t begin until November.

The Verdict: Sounds likely. We’ve yet to see a single hardware leak of the mythical iWatch, even though it was supposedly scheduled to enter production in September. Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo says Apple’s wearable won’t enter production until November, but would that give Apple enough time to build enough units for the Christmas season?

After seeing efforts from Samsung, Motorola and LG, maybe not too worried about the competition and would rather ship the best possible product a few months later.

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    >>The next MacBook Air may have hit a speed bump.

    This is both brilliant and idiotic. Using “speed bump” to describe the fact that there’s no Haswell speed bump planned. I LOVE IT.

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