Lost iPhone’s impossible journey starts in Oklahoma grain silo, ends in Japan


If an iPhone falls in the woods, does it ring? Photo:
Photo: Chris-Håvard Berge/Flickr CC

If you’re anything like me, losing your iPhone is nearly a weekly occurrence. Kevin Whitney has the same problem, except when the Oklahoma farmer lost his iPhone it traveled halfway across the world.

Whitney accidentally dropped his iPhone into a grain pit last October and watched it shoot up the elevator and disappear into a bin full of 280,000 pounds of grain. Luckily for him, the lost iPhone full of family photos found its way to an incredibly nice person in Japan.

Nine months after his phone’s disappearing act, Whitney received a call from a grain worker in Japan asking if he was “Kevin Whitney” and did he happen to lose an iPhone inside 2 million bushels of grain sorghum, KFOR reports.

“It’s crazy I can’t believe it. What really shocked me about it all was what a small world it is. There a lot of a lot of meaningful pictures on it so we are real glad to get the phone back,” said Whitney.

From Whitney’s hometown of Chickasha, the grain was driven to another facility in Inola, Oklahoma. From there it traveled down the Arkansas River, then sailed the Mississippi River by barge all the way to Covent, Louisiana, where it was finally loaded on a ship and floated its way through the Panama Canal and over to Kashima, Japan.

Whitney says he thought he’d never see the phone again, but when he got it back he says there wasn’t a scratch on it and all the photos were still saved. Maybe next time he could use WheatsApp to find it faster.

Via: Gizmodo