Here’s proof iTunes Radio isn’t the underdog you think it is



iTunes Radio quickly became known as an underdog after its release last fall, with Apple facing an uphill battle against established services like Spotify and Pandora. In today’s video, we take an in-depth look at iTunes Radio, its features, its future — and why it deserves your attention.

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  • Brandon Franklin

    I tried iTunes Radio right when it came out! The things that made switch back to pandora were 1. In an 8 hour work day after about 4 repeats of songs would start and 2. I work with Mexicans so I would curate a playlist with both English and Spanish bands but it never produced a decent blend. It would do things like play English music for an hour then play like 1 Spanish song and go back to English and if I skipped til some Spanish came on the reverse would happen(an hour of Spanish) also the same thing would happen in the different genre’s like playing a disportionate amount of classic rock. Pandora only slightly better at this but at the time pandora’s variety (less repeats) was superior maybe that’s changed. I did like the fact that you can turn off explicit tracks for at work and for whatever reason my battery drained less than when using pandora. Personally I think beats might be right(haven’t used the service) in that streaming radio is missing that feeling you get from a great album/ band where theirs an experience
    With the music rather than an iPod on shuffle permanently (which is fine for work but leaves me frustrated at home) though the radio model is good for discovering new bands/songs