Storm Caster sets you on path to adventure with a few cards, lots of magic



I’m a bit of a sucker for anything remotely magical, and I love the idea of blasting spells around to save the world. If you’re also excited by that, and love hordes of monsters too, then Storm Casters will be right up your alley.

Packing a library of spells so extensive that even the great Gandalf would be in awe, Storm Casters’ enchanting design aesthetics and whimsical outlook will make you a fan straight off.

Get Set Games (developer of Mega Jump) has a lot to be proud of when it comes to Storm Casters. The company’s latest dive into the world of dungeon-crawling and spell-casting is especially appealing to newcomers as well as fans of the roguelike gaming subgenre.

You play a hero tasked with navigating through a labyrinth of dungeons in the search for your parents. Along the way, you’ll pick up “battle cards,” which are in turn used to equip your character with numerous magical powers and special weapons. Coins and goods you collect as you advance are totaled up at the end of each run-through, and can then be utilized to level up your skills and lengthen the duration of time you get to complete the dungeon.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds, as you get less than a minute to tear through all the rooms and eliminate all the baddies. Should time run out or you lose your health points, you’ll be transported straight back to the entrance to make another attempt. Thankfully, the game’s not too cruel: It lets you keep the experience and goods you’ve accumulated so far, although you’ll lose the progress you’ve made up to that point. Don’t despair, though: Storm Casters is fairly player-friendly and accessible.

Due to the game’s highly responsive control system, I found it a joy rather than a slog to keep returning to Storm Casters, despite its repetitive nature. It doesn’t frustrate with the usual design grievances a typical game of this genre can be subject to on the iPad. Attacks are set to target an enemy automatically, so you simply use the stick to move and tap the fire icon on the screen to attack. The more you play, the more rewards you’ll reap, and all the experience you have earned puts you one step closer to leveling up.

If you love loot-gathering, card-collecting and dungeon-crawling, you’ll most certainly find yourself enamored of this wonderfully in-depth experience. For a couple of dollars, you really cannot go wrong.

SCTHUMB001Storm Casters by Get Set Games ($1.99)
The good: Unique and captivating gameplay mechanics, fantastic in-depth card-collecting experience, engaging artwork, rewards you for playing.
The bad: A great deal of grinding.
The verdict: A solid roguelike experience with plenty to love.
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