Bug in iOS 7.1.2 Calendar app could be telling you the wrong holidays



July 4th may be (sadly) over, but Apple’s latest mobile OS is all too happy to tell you when the national holiday might be. It could be lying, though.

iOS 7.1.2 features a bug in its Calendar app, which gives the wrong list of holidays in certain countries. The bug was first spotted by an iPad user in Lithuania, who claims that Apple has acknowledged the error.

In a YouTube video highlighting the problem, he demonstrates how the app shows holidays from Mexico, Hong Kong and Canada, instead of Lithuania. He also claims that the country-based list of holidays “keeps changing from time to time.”

The problem only seems to arise when the home country of the iOS device is set as Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. When it is set as having the U.S., UK or Russia as its home country, it lists the correct holidays.

Apple has reportedly claimed that it will fix this error with its next update, although it’s not yet known when this will arrive. iOS 7.1.2 was released last week, featuring improvements to iBeacon connectivity and stability, and several other bug fixes.

Source: Times of India

  • KissZst

    Same here! I thought I was the only one experiencing this. I live in Hungary though. My iPhone shows Canadian holidays and my iPad shows Hong Kong holidays. Really annoying.

  • Kazimieras Mikelis

    Strangely this has got to be the most inconveniencing glitch with iOS I can recall. My iPhone is showing Mexican holidays and my iPad goes with Canadian. I live in neither of these countries. Looking forward to seeing it fixed.