Get these iOS games at firecrackin’ July 4th prices



Happy July 4! While you’ve probably got plans with friends and family — or a date with a BBQ — appmakers are hoping you’ll have a bit of time for iOS gaming over the holiday, too.

I’ve written before about how 2014 is shaping up to be a golden age of mobile gaming for Apple users, and to make the deal a little bit sweeter, various popular games are currently being discounted in the App Store to give you something to play over the long weekend.

Which games? Check out our list below for the full details.

Godfire [$4.99]
Botanicula [$2.99 (HD)]
Battle of the Bulge [$2.99]
Drive on Moscow: War in the Snow [$2.99]
Badland [$1.99]
Sine Mora [$2.99]
Majesty: The Northern Expansion [$0.99]
100 Rogues [$2.99]
The King of Fighters-i 2012 [$3.99]
Steampunk Tower [Free]
Sometimes You Die [$0.99]
Laser Hell [Free]
OTTTD [$2.99]
Nozoku Rush [Free]
Skylanders Battlegrounds [Free]

While I haven’t played all of the above, there are some definite gems included among them. In particular, Sometimes You Die (which was recently updated with a new prologue) and Badland should be required playing for iOS gamers, and are definitely worth a download.

Happy Independence Day everyone!

Source: Touch Arcade