Alleged iPad Air 2 images show Touch ID and no lock button



Could this be the next generation iPad Air? New pictures showing up on the Japanese online news site ASCII Plus depict what appears to be a mockup of Apple’s forthcoming iPad Air 2, including images of it next to the current iPad Air model.

The images show a tablet that looks around 1mm thinner the current iPad Air, and features the expected addition of Touch ID, which has been the basis of multiple previous rumors.

Why should you take this with a pinch of salt though?

Well, for one thing, as can be seen from the picture below, this iPad Air features no lock switch, which would appear to be a strange design decision for Apple to make. The rumor is that in its efforts to have as few physical buttons as possible on the new iPad Air 2 model, Apple will replace the physical lock switch with a function accessible via the notification center.

In addition, the volume buttons are indented, rather than obviously protruding, in the newer model.

The pictures show the new iPad Air 2 as featuring indented buttons and no lock switch
In addition, the iPad Air 2 would appear to be around 1mm thinner than the current model.
Finally, matching up to previous reports this iPad Air 2 mockup features Touch ID.
Finally, matching up to previous reports this iPad Air 2 mockup features Touch ID.

Source: ASCII


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34 responses to “Alleged iPad Air 2 images show Touch ID and no lock button”

  1. Brian Voll says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever used the lock switch anyway. Definitely never used it to mute the device.

  2. PMB01 says:

    This isn’t the final design. No way Apple would do volume buttons like that or get rid of the lock switch.

    • lucascott says:

      actually i could see them doing the volume and the power button like that. if it makes them less prone to jamming and/or failing. Add to it an internal structure that makes the mechanism repairable and its a winner (especially if the speakers, camera, battery etc are also repairable)

      • PMB01 says:

        Doing this would make them less repairable than they are now. It’d also make for a crevice for more dust and dirt to collect, another reason Apple wouldn’t do this. That would make these buttons MORE likely to jam and fail.

      • Carlos says:

        it doesn’t matter how repairable they are. it only matters that apple can repair them. The thinner they get, the more difficult they will be to repair, and Apple doesn’t want anyone to be opening iPads except for them.

      • PhoneTechJay says:

        Stop assuming. Apple rarely replace anything on the iPads. We get customers in our stores because apple Does not repair them, they urge them to get it replaced.

      • Carlos says:

        They may urge, but they can’t make me. Just like a Macbook. they can’t make me replace the entire device just because I broke the screen. They may urge me, but can’t make me.

        The point is, apple doesn’t want you to buy parts and fix it yourself. Apple isn’t concerned with whether it is easy to fix. Either because they want to sell you a new one or whatever.

        We are both saying the same thing.

      • PhoneTechJay says:

        You said it like all other manufactures are okay your consumers opening their stuff, don’t be biased. No one company wants you to fix it yourself.

    • Carlos says:

      It is. This is the ipad. The buttons have to be like that.

      This ipad is even thinner. The buttons are almost underneath the ipad at this point. If they were sticking out, if you put it flat on a tablet the buttons would hit the table.

      • PMB01 says:

        Where’s your proof? Every portable device they’ve come out with has buttons that protrude. There’s no issue when you lay it on a table and the buttons won’t have to change.

      • Carlos says:

        so because every device before had buttons sticking out that means that it is impossible that future devices will have recessed buttons. Nice logic.

      • Carlos says:

        oh you asked for proof. yea…ummmm….scroll up. There’s a picture of it.. hahah.. You’re like a genius aren’t you.

      • PMB01 says:

        Not proof until it’s actually an official device. Nice try.

      • Carlos says:

        It is. just like the iPhone 4, 4s and iPhone 5 and 5c were leaked in the exact same way. even the new earpods were leaked months in advanced. they were all real then, just like this is real.

        wait 3 more months and see. no need to argue now.

        your logic that because all the devices before had buttons a certain way all other devices after will have the same buttons is a ridiculous thing to say.

        in the iPhone the buttons changed to round, and they’re about to change them again.

    • PhoneTechJay says:

      I highly doubt they would get rid of the buttons also but they most certainly can get rid of them. For those who dont know Apple removed the proximity sensor on the 5th Gen iPod touchs because “They were too thin”. The sensor controls the auto brightness, so now the 5th gens do not have that feature even though its been there since the first generation. Apple is capable of doing whatever they want.

  3. lucascott says:

    the only way that i can see them removing the flip switch is if they program the volume buttons so that you activate it by pressing both at the same time.
    yeah yeah i know they can just put both modes in control center but that’s not particularly accessibility friendly and Apple prides themselves on the whole accessibility issue

  4. Carlos says:

    It will be there. That little hole you see where the mute switch goes is called a Pilot Hole.

  5. Carlos says:

    For those of you in denial, yea. This is the ipad. Those are the buttons. These leaks are real. This one and the iPhone6. All real. Get over it.

    • PMB01 says:

      Whole bunch of nope going on here. Get over it.

      • Carlos says:

        I remember having this exact same discussion when the iPhone 5c components were leaked and a guy just like you was arguing that it was fake because Apple would NEVER make a cheap plastic phone.

        you will only accept it when they unveil it at the keynote. so, stop coming on here posting nonsense and see you in 3 months when they unveil that iPad pictured in this article with a flip switch where that hole is.

        see you then.

      • Carlos says:

        even Steve Jobs famously cited the iPhone 4 leak during the keynote. he said “stop me if you’ve seen this” everyone laughed because we had all seen it.

        same with the iPhone 5. after Cook promised to double down on secrecy we all saw the iPhone 5 online and there was even a video of the new earpods on YouTube a couple of months before the keynote.

        the leak is real. if you don’t think so then stop wasting time here and wait a couple of months. then we will see who is right. you or me.

      • PMB01 says:

        Oh, so you conveniently skipped the 4S, where EVERYONE was duped.

        Nice try. Quit spouting things as fact when you can’t prove that they’re true.

      • Carlos says:

        Wait 2 months. You’ll see. No point discussing it now.

        If this is fake, we will know then.

      • PMB01 says:

        Take your own advice, numb nuts.

      • Carlos says:

        Are you done now?

        Come back after the unveil where Apple unveils this exact same tablet.


      • PMB01 says:

        Still at it? That’s kinda sad. I’ll be laughing when next week’s “leak” shows the same iPad design from last year. It’s amazing how gullible you people are.

      • Carlos says:

        There has only been 1 leak. This one.

        I find it hilarious you’re taking this so personally. Are you over 13?

        This is the next iPad. That’s all there is to it. It is going to be thinner and have touch ID. It is how it will be.

        The iPhone will have a bigger screen and be more rounded and curved. It is that way.

      • PMB01 says:

        Wow you’re pathetic, gullible AND a moron?! We’ve hit the trifecta folks! You can all go home! Carlos has you all covered!

      • Carlos says:

        So that’s it then? Or you have more to add to the discussion?

        Now we’ve also seen the iPhone 6 battery. Now we know it’ll suck as well. 1,800mAh for a 4.7″ phone. Ridiculous.

        IPhone sucks. IPads are great but iPhones are the worst.

      • Carlos says:

        There was no such thing.

  6. Neima Hajari says:

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