Spotify now lets you view play queues, and warns about duplicate songs



Shortly after updating Spotify with the ability to search for downloaded music offline, Spotify’s iOS app has just received a notable new update.

Spotify now lets users view play queues on their iPhone. This can be done by tapping the queue icon on the top right corner of the “Now Playing” screen. The update also features a new dialog box, which appears each time you try to add a song to a playlist which already includes it: a great way of avoiding duplicating songs without you realizing it.

In addition, Spotify now includes new sorting and filtering options in the “Your Music” section.

Having recently received a stunning iOS 7-inspired overhaul, these changes add to what is a better app than ever if you’re a music lover. Spotify Music is available for free from the App Store for all iOS devices, running iOS 6.0 and above.

Source: iTunes