Almost half of UK smartphone web traffic is generated by iPhones alone



iPhones represented 48.9 percent of the UK’s smartphone-based web traffic in Q2, according to a new study by Chitika.

While Samsung came in at the expected second place, its percentage (22.8 percent) was much closer to BlackBerry’s (16.8 percent) than it was to Apple’s. The rest of the numbers were made up of HTC, Nokia, Sony, Google and Motorola handsets.

This is likely to be disappointing for the South Korea-based Samsung, which has recently been investing heavily in marketing its smartphones in the UK — including a “rebranding” of London’s Heathrow airport’s Terminal 5 in order to promote its latest Galaxy S model.

Yesterday Cult of Mac revealed that Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 smartphone was outsold by both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c during the month of May: the first month Galaxy S5 was on sale in the country.

Apple’s web dominance isn’t likely to go down anytime soon, either. As Chitika notes:

“With one or more new iPhone models on the horizon for this fall, it’s highly probable that Apple will retain its near-fifty percent usage share at year’s end. The launch of the previous models in 2013 were particularly well received in the UK, and there’s little reason to believe that the response will ebb substantially this time around.”

In case you’re wondering, these stats are very similar to the situation in North America, where previous research has shown that the iPad is crushing every other Android tablet combined when it comes to web traffic.

Source: Chitika

  • CordCutterNj

    The most startling statistic is that 15.0% of traffic still comes from Blackberry.

    How many of their home internet traffic still comes from dial-up?

    • Windlasher

      Love to see what happens when the 6 comes out with the larger screen.

  • ianthetechman

    IPhone is very popular but this really means nothing does it

    • Craig B


      It means a lot because it shows the distinction between buying power of Apple users versus Android users. iPhone is hardly sold on the pre-paid market as opposed to Android. Majority of the Android market share is pre-paid which means those users are mindful of their data and voice usage. When you have that kind of restriction, there’s hardly any online monitors that will be able to pick up their usage because they’re not present.

  • kevinkee

    Think about it. iOS share market is just a third of those Android (as claimed by Android) but yet it remains number 1 in web traffic. Why? Is it because Android sharemarket is a big lie? Or is it because iOS user is more power user? Interesting, isn’t it?

  • Richard The South African

    I Love my iPhone5, im actually one of the iPhone users that like the current size of the screen, Not sure if i will like the new bigger screens on 6, so i guess ill just get the 5s later:-)