Microsoft’s 11-sensor smartwatch will take on the iWatch in October


Microsoft's smartwatch will supposedly look more like this Nike+ FuelBand than an Android Wear device. Photo: Andrew Guan/CC/Flickr
Microsoft's rumored smartwatch will supposedly look more like this Nike+ FuelBand than an Android Wear device. Photo: Andrew Guan/CC/Flickr

Apple’s first foray into wearables is expected to be revealed this October, but Apple’s not the only tech giant preparing a smartwatch for this fall: New rumors claim Microsoft has plans for its own wearable, only it won’t look anything like the big bulky bands we just saw at Google I/O.

We first got wind that Microsoft was readying its own iPhone-friendly smartwatch last month, but a report from Tom’s Hardware sheds new light on what the device will look like when it hits the market with an ungodly number of sensors.

iWatch is rumored to have 10 sensors, but Microsoft is packing 11 into its wearable. Unlike offerings from Samsung and LG though, Microsoft is eschewing bulky watch bands and big wrist displays for a slimmer design that looks like a “thinner, flatter version of the Nike Fuelband.”

Details on which sensors will be incorporated into the watch are scarce right now, but Microsoft allegedly plans to use a mix of chips from Texas Instruments, Atmel and others. The device will be platform-agnostic and continuously track your heart rate and sync that data to all your devices.

Perhaps the most interesting tidbit is that Microsoft doesn’t want wears to look like they’re wearing a smartwatch at all. The company has decided to put the device’s display on inside of the wrist instead of the outside. Supposedly, it feels more natural to turn your palm up to look at the watch display, rather than flashing your texts and notifications on the outside of the wrist for all to see.

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  • JustReboot

    my son wears his watch that way (facing down). I could never get used to it/ but he says it feels more natural…

  • lowtolerance

    Whoever designed that mockup should be ashamed of themselves.(edit: the picture has since been changed)

    And whoever said(and for that matter, repeated) that it feels more natural to look at the inside of one’s wrist has never even tried to verify this.

    • Barrett Jasper

      agreed. It was NEVER said I doubt. LOL. Because it’s not. Maybe 5% of watch wearers do this. Look when out and about, you’ll see NO ONE wearing like this. LOL +1

      • At

        When I wore a watch I always had the face on the inside of my wrist. It was easier to look at the time while working that way. But yea, I don’t see the mass market wearing watches like that.

  • AAPL_@_$101_Is_A_Done_Deal_:)

    Hey, my smartwatch has more sensors than yours, you loser. My smartwatch can tell the present temperature of the sun with an error of only plus or minus 2000 degrees. So take that. Microsoft is winning over Apple.

  • I just love how even the rumors of Apple making an iWatch has other tech companies scrambling to “catch up” to a product that may not even exist. What I love about this situation is seeing what Samsung, Microsoft and other companies will come up with on their own without Apple to copy (unless they have really good technology infiltrators). When/if Apple actually DOES come out with their iWatch, it will be great to compare Apple’s innovation to everyone else’s best efforts. Can’t wait.

  • Andy Shorrock

    Me to, me to!

  • digitaldumdum

    “Microsoft’s 11-sensor smartwatch will take on the iWatch in October”

    And, like every previous attempt Microsoft makes to imitate Apple (and others), it’s bound to be a big flop. Zune!!