Apple finally finds way to lock down new Mac Pros



Apple has launched a new $49 Mac Pro Security Lock Adapter in its online store, giving Mac Pro owners (and Apple Stores) an easy way to secure their machines with existing Kensington locks.

Apple’s lock adapter is a straightforward metal bracket that secures the Mac Pro’s lift-off cover to the machine’s base by way of a security cable, thereby barring access to the machine’s internals. The cable lock can then be secured to make it difficult for thieves to steal the $3,000-plus machine.

Previously, Mac Pro users were forced to resort to building their own custom locks, or else buying more expensive third-party alternatives. Even Apple had to make do with hacked-together solutions, using an Ethernet-based alarm system in Apple Stores that sounds when the Mac Pro is removed, rather than the computer being secured in place.

Apple points out that the adapter is able to attach without the need for tools and does not modify or damage the Mac in any way.

The Mac Pro Security Lock Adapter is available now in the Apple Online Store for $49, although it has not yet made it into Apple brick-and-mortar retail stores for immediate pickup. Shipping time on the Mac Pro was finally brought down to 24-hours last month.

Now the question is whether you want to risk ruining the perfect aesthetic of your brand new Mac Pro with an unsightly lock mechanism.

Source: Apple Store

  • Barrett Jasper

    Wirecutters. I always wonder who buys these locks (besides secured environments and display models etc.) but I don’ t know anyone who uses these and/or Kensington locks at all. It seems like a simple cut of the wire and it’s gone. Until they implement a feature that locks out (securely) a thief when the wire is separated from computer via cutting or whatever) these really aren’t worth the money IMO. Meh.

  • avfolk

    Would it have hurt to make the apparatus BLACK???
    I mean if its only a mental deterrent — at least make it classy looking for $50.

  • Kemper Barkhurst

    We came up with the mac pro lock when the Mac Pro first came out. All it required was a hole strategically placed in the right spot.

    Our kit to swap out the Apple enclosure latch includes a cable lock for $49 and we do offer discounts for quantity and educational institutions. We can also key alike for those needing more than one cable lock.

    In addition to this product we have been working on a new table mount which would secure the Mac Pro to a table. The cable itself is quite easy to cut or maneuver free from whatever the cable is looped around.

    Please sign-up to our newsletter for release information. Thanks!

  • Kemper Barkhurst

    Another Mac Pro Lock that includes the actual lock.