Angry Birds Go! gets long-awaited multiplayer mode


Oh boy! More pissed-off avians!
Oh boy! More pissed-off avians!

It may be painfully average as a kart game, but the uber popular Angry Birds Go! iOS racer has just upped the ante by finally adding a much-requested multiplayer mode.

Letting you race against other players from around the world to determine the fastest bird or piggy on the track, the presence of multiplayer was first teased by developers Rovio all the way back in December, when they asked: “Who wants to see multiplayer in Angry Birds Go!? It’s coming in spring!”

As it turned out, Rovio missed the spring deadline, but hopefully the extra time to work on the update will have been well-spent.

The update also adds new challengers, allowing you to boast about your “super-speedy times” and challenge other users who are faster than you.

There’s additionally the promise of “more fast-feathered multiplayer action on the way,” although Rovio has yet to release additional details.

Angry Birds Go! is available for free download from the App Store, for all iOS devices running iOS 6.0 and above.

Source: iTunes

  • Ali Fawaz

    They should discontinue this stupid game