Will Android TV spur Apple TV innovation?



Seven years after the Apple TV launch, Google has announced Android TV software that will work with hardware from companies like Sony and Logitech. But how does the current Apple TV stack up to the new Android TV platform?

Today’s video shows off key features of Google’s latest attempt at ruling the living room, including some advances that might spur Apple to innovate once again when it comes to television.

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  • Barrett Jasper

    Lets hope so. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a large overhaul.

  • TeeJay2000

    I don’t believe Apple has been waiting for lack of innovation, software or new hardware ideas. They have been putting media agreements together, because a ‘better Apple TV’ won’t make much of a splash, without great content. No doubt getting providers to sign on has been tough for Apple but the tide is turning more quickly as consumers are ‘cutting cable’ in droves. Providers may turn to Apple to monetize their content in a different way. When it finally happens that they allow us to purchase only the content we want and not in a package designed only to make money for cable companies, a new Apple TV will launch quickly and with much success. Could Google or even Amazon succeed here? Likely yes, but perhaps not as well as Apple because when you have a product you want to sell at a ‘premium’, you need consumers that are willing to pay a ‘premium’. Lots of data show iOS users are a great target group for this.

  • ronjon400

    it took them long enough to just catch up via chromecast…..so theres that

    • Joshua D.

      and $65 cheaper.

  • AAPL_@_$101_Is_A_Done_Deal_:)

    I hope it’s as TeeJay2000 says because I honestly don’t understand why Apple has been so damn lax with upgrading AppleTV. Apple could easily put together some great hardware based on its iPhone and iPad products. Apple has already got 64-bit processors that would put other companies to shame. They’ve got all the freaking games any average person would want to play on iOS. They’ve got a bazillion iTunes accounts. Why the heck AppleTV is lagging behind Roku and even Amazon is incredulous? What is the point of a company sitting on $150 billion in cash and they can’t even show dominance over companies one-tenth their cash wealth.

    I think AppleTV might have gotten messed up when Comcast bought out Time-Warner Cable. I’d heard some special box was going to be built by Apple for Time-Warner but maybe all that got shelved and Apple got caught between a rock and a hard place. Now it’s possible Apple has to start from scratch. Whatever. I’m still annoyed that AppleTV doesn’t support PLEX which is my local video database manager for my Roku 3. How hard could it be for PLEX to be supported by Apple? Anyway, Apple still has plenty of time to work things out and not much can be done if the content providers aren’t on board.

    • Joshua D.

      honestly 64 bit processor is a gimmick. Its utterly pointless unless you have at least 4 or 5 gb of ram to utilize it.

      This is why the rumored new Nexus tablet by HTC is said to have 5gb of ram with a 64 bit processor, otherwise the 5gb would be overkill and pointless as my Nexus 5 runs super smooth and snappy with 2gb of ram.

  • rd

    …anyone remember google tv from a few years ago…
    Thought not.

    • Joshua D.

      You miss the point though. Before Google allowed OEMs like LG and Samsung to slap their ugly UI’s on top of Google TV which made them awful and ugly. But Google is saying no this time.

      They officially stated no OEM will be allowed to make their own Skinned version on Android Wear, Auto, or Android TV, it will all be strickly Google’s Version much like their Nexus device(which I love) keeping it a consistent experience and easier to get instant updates without having to work through all the OEM skins like they have to with OEM smartphones.

      By the Way Chrome cast was very popular when it got released ended up doing better than they thought it would and I think Google used that a s springboard to work on Android TV. Which looks 10x better than all their other attempts.

  • Joshua D.

    I don’t Believe in Brand or OS loyalty

    I own the Apple TV and Apple Computers since (2003) but Prefer Android Devices.
    (I gave ios countless tries with the iphone 5/5s and ipad mini good devices just not the best imo.)

    I watched both WWDC and I/O all the way through, Android TV Felt a lot more appealing to me compared to my Apple tv, in fact the only thing I even use is Hulu and Netflix I have no need for anything else.

    But with the Ability to play Games directly from the Android TV box I could see this becoming a really popular thing and helping to Encourage more devs to make gaming apps specifically for Android TV.

    Honestly I think both Apple and Google are both at the Top of their Game right Now, a lot of great things coming from both sides.

  • lucascott

    a big issue with this update notion is that so many folks have various ideas of how Apple should update the Apple TV. Everything from making it a game console to a real tv set etc. But perhaps the issue is that Apple hasn’t updated it because they don’t see a need to. They don’t want it to be anything more than it is right now. They don’t intend and never have intended to make a ‘real tv’ or try to compete with Xbox etc. They aren’t planning to ever put an app store on the Apple TV and the only hardware changes they might make are to support Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11ac and put in a processor that can handle h.265 but otherwise keep it the same