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Yo takes over your house with IFTTT integration



Since launching last week, Yo has mostly been a joke of an app with $1 million in funding, a horrifically bad security hole and the best Games of Thrones-themed clone to ever hit the App Store.

Somehow it’s already amassed one million users even though all you’ve been able to do in the app until now is toss Yo!s from one screen to another, but thanks to the addition of IFTTT integration, Yo could actually be pretty useful – if everyone hasn’t deleted it yet.

IFTTT Recipe: Yo my lights off! connects yo to philips-hueIFTTT Recipe: Yo, toggle my WeMo Switch! connects yo to wemo-switch

IFTTT announced this morning that it has added Yo integration to its platform that essentially allows you to glue other internet services together in order to create new and personalized services.

Starting today, you can now use the single-tap zero communication app to command all your home’s smart appliances just by sending a Yo to IFTTT. You can now Yo to turn off your lights, toggle a WeMo Switch or turn on/off your Nest or Aros AC.

Using Yo as a control switch for your smart home does have its limitations though. You can only send one Yo to IFTTT which activates all of your recipes at once, so unless you always want the lights off when your AC is on, or vice versa, you might only want add a Yo recipe for your favorite device.


Source: IFTTT