Adobe: There’s No Flash on iPad Because Apple Is Protecting Content Revenue


How the web will look on the Flash-less iPad, according to Adobe.
How the web will look on the Flash-less iPad, according to Adobe.

Why is there no Adobe Flash on the iPad? Adobe says it’s not because it’s buggy, as an Apple source claimed this afternoon to

It’s because Apple is protecting revenue streams derived from content like movies and games. If users could watch free TV shows on Hulu, they wouldn’t buy them through iTunes.

“It’s pretty clear if you connect the dots: the issue is about revenue,” says Adrian Ludwig, an Adobe group product manager for Flash, during a telephone interview on Friday afternoon.

Adobe's Adrian Ludwig demonstrating Flash apps on the iPhone. Picture by Flashstreamworks.

While Steve Jobs says the iPad offers the best web-browsing experience, Flash isn’t part of it. Adobe’s plug-in is nowhere to be found, making popular sites such as YouTube and Hulu useless on Apple’s new device. Likewise, Flash is also absent from the iPhone and iPod touch.

Ludwig flatly denies that Flash is excluded from Apple’s mobile devices because it is buggy, crash-prone or puts an excessive strain on batteries.

Ludwig says there is no technical reason that Flash should not be on the iPad as well as the iPhone. Adobe is working with about 50 partners in the mobile space, including big names like Google, Nokia and HTC, as well as 19 out of 20 handset manufacturers. (See Adobe’s Open Screen Project website). Ludwig said the Flash player is stable and would perform well on hardware like the iPad.

“We’ve been seeing great performance on similar devices,” he said. “The hardware is very capable.”

But Ludwig notes that if Flash were available on the iPad, users could watch TV shows on Hulu for free instead of buying them through iTunes. Likewise, users could play some of the hundreds of Flash games on sites like Miniclip, instead of buying games through the App Store, on which Apple takes a 30% cut of every sale.

“Apple has eliminated any way to get content on the device that they don’t own,” says Ludwig. “Apple is keeping the device closed to protect their revenue streams.”

Ludwig notes that other companies’ technologies that could be used to serve content or games are also excluded — Java, Ruby, Python and .Net.

“We’re not the only one,” he says. “Flash is what people are focused on but it’s not just Flash that’s not working. They’ve blocked a whole lot more than that… It’s a universal restriction.”

“We’re trying to raise the issue,” he adds. “We’re talking about long-term damage to the development environment. We’re just the poster child for this.”

Ludwig says Adobe has been working closely with Apple on Flash for the iPhone (he didn’t say if or when it would ship), but wasn’t aware Apple had tested it on the iPad.

“We haven’t received any communication that they are testing Flash on the iPad or any feedback about its performance,” Ludwig says. “If there’s any truth that it’s buggy, I’d love to help them out.”

Apple didn’t respond to a request for comment.

  • Maxim Dolinsky

    Adobe, look who is talking. Adobe reader doesn’t allow me to even a delete a page making it so painful and it wants $ from me before I can do anything with a document.

  • Guest

    its called adobe READER for a reason…

  • Anonymous

    Logically irrelevant and unrelated; I don’t see the hypocrisy that your trying to insinuate here. If your trying to view and manipulate enough documents that the limitations of adobe reader are that inconvenient, it sounds like your using the program in a business situation. Have your company buy the software or work for a company that can afford to. Playing a flash video game for 5 minutes while ur taking a shit is completely different than whining that your business/company isn’t able to utilize software created by an unassociated entity for free is ignorant.

  • woozytraction

    I don’t care about the politics of this. I just hate being limited by my technology. Who would have thought that my damn Windows laptop would be able to do everything my iPad and Xoom can’t.

  • Scahill08

    Once again Apple’s communist approach or gated community approach is on display. This is how they have always operated. Sadly so many have gotten sucked in by the cult of Jobs.

  • Kemar7856

    you fanboys need to stfu plenty of phone use flash and it works great the ONLY!!! reason apple does not offer it is because they want to sell you apps instead they make 30% of app sales

  • Tom Jones

    cant they just issue dummys and a romper suit with every IPAD thats sold

  • Disaoppointed

    I really don’t like the fact that apple would restrict the flash application because the application is not only used for the sites that they mentioned it’s also used for other application as far as any demonstration videos that companies may want to show how their product works ..well guess what anyone that owns an iPad will never be able to see clips of it. :( the iPad is not at all what I expected I work more on my Sony vaio laptop than I do with my’s basically a big photo album …

  • IzakJ23

    flash is available on most operating mobile phone systems eg. Android , Windows mobile, people look for flash capabilities in a phone , this is not worth 30% of apple app store cuts. they’ll lose sales in the iphone4 due to their selfishness-ness.
    lol WE WANT FLASH!!!

  • Kristacanada

    I HATE being limited by my technology! My Windows laptop can do more. I am very, very disappointed in my new iPad and will tell all my friends how limiting this product is. This will be my first and last apple toy! Thank goodness I carry a blackberry.

  • Sian1306

    I would be a lot more happy and satisfied with my ipad if it had flash. I brought the iPad as a treat and also something that would be useful with my college. I have downloaded lots of free apps but not as yet brought one. I think that apple saying that they dont want flash on their devices because it will stop people buying apps is aloud if crap. Yeah okay if you can watch something for free with flash then you won’t buy it but the app store would still be used for other things. For example my friend works in a hospital and they have an app which allows them to view X-rays. Clearly that would costs A lot and apple would still get money…. Quality wise the downloads from the app store are better quality then games you play using flash so people will want the better quality… Maybe doing a trial or sending a questionarre to Ipad users would give apple a more clear idea on what their customers want. I just personally think ipad without flash is a drawback and is loosing apple customers xxx

  • zhi wen

    who the fuck Apple thinks they are. Tell me what I can install in my own property and what I can’t installed? I was thinking about getting a ipad, now, Xoom is a much better choice. No wonder Apple is still losing to Microsoft.

  • Deshastarocks

    I would never… NEVER buy another iPad b/c of this. Amazing how pervasive Flash really is.

  • ftjrtjrasetg

    the application is not only used for the sites that they mentioned it’s also used for other application as far as any demonstration videos

  • qwerty

    F*ck Apple and F*ck Steve Jobs

  • TechnologyWILLkill


  • IntelDailyDOTcom

    I have an iphone 3.0, jailbroken and unlocked, wifi and all the flash i want to view, yet i hardly go on it, why ruin your eyes with small screens? also, ipad is crap as well, why not get a 300$ netbook that can do everything more than the ipad can ever do? if it aint broken dont fix it. hence we need a keybrd and actual interface, all this touchscreen technology is making us beyond lazy not to mention a whole a lot of waste byproduct and batteries,

    technology is thought to bring freedom, yet we are all slaves to it, we have the ways and the means to eradicate hunger and poverty, yet no one does anything, we can cure anything if we truly wanted to, but all the elitists kill us for doing so, in 1975 there was a car that could run a 100 miles on electricity they killed the guy for it,

    we are tooooo dependent on oil, all the tycoons are laughing at us just as the tobacco co’s

    ignorance is not bliss, the economy is not going to improve in anyway until it completely collapses for us to start again,

  • IntelDailyDOTcom

    america is all about meddling, greed, power, corruption and total annihilation

    humans are the cancer of earth

  • James Shelley

    This discussion is all nonsense. Jobs’ stated reason fro dropping Flash from the iPad is quite legit: Flash is a power pig. Flash apps would consume so much power that it would cut iPad battery time down to 1/3, compared to html and other apps.

  • DanTan95

    You are fucking right. If the earth really come to the end, I will accept the truth.

  • DanTan95

    I agree, the earth must collapses and reconstruct in order to start over again.

  • ruvisol

    i hate apple products.I would never… NEVER buy another iPad,iphone,etc!!

  • guliangyu

    I don’t care about the politics of this. I just hate being limited by my technology. Who would have thought that my damn Windows laptop would be able to do everything my iPad and Xoom can’t.

  • Van Esteca

    The only characteristic which maybe interesting is the visual media graphics of Apple. The rest Microsoft presents much better Technology . I am saying this because I have both, and more and more I am turning to Microsoft products. They have the same or even better performance then Apple. Maybe Apple offers beter Service in US but for sure in Europe only have nice unic stands which atracts propõe. Pure markting with great sucess…

  • Steve

    Agree, I wouldn’t have bought an IPad if I realised Apple were closing shop. Adobe flash would work fine Next time, I will find an alternative to IPad.
    Goodbye Mac perhaps

  • Steve

    Hadn’t thought of not being able to show stuff needing Flash! That takes away half the reason for buying this Fu….in IPad!

  • Erol Bascar

     It’s indeed for business purposes… I think it’s just fair enough coz it’s true if the users could watch shows for free online then how about itunes and other Internet TV services like  Stream Direct TV. But honestly these kind of services offers more than those of free viewing online talking bout HD Stream Direct TV is fascinating!

  • An 11 Year Old Girl

    If apple made it to where we could use flash player, they would probably have a lot of people buy there iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads. They would make thousands of dollars plus they can enjoy there money and we could all enjoy flash.
    -An 11 Year Old Girl

  • Minamariacharlotte

    Fuck Apple. All they care about is to earn more money. Not to make the buyers happy. That’s just fucked.

  • Jayson

     Claiming that they won’t use flash because it is ‘buggy’, is a total load of crap. I have downloaded, and payed for, a number of iPad apps that crash all the time. There are heaps of apps available with low ratings due to stability issues. I have used macs for over 6 years now, and have to say that the newer macs are way more unstable than my first one (when osX first came out). One can see that apple is gradually becoming more like their traditional advisary (microsoft), lets hope they don’t continue in the same direction for much longer.

  • Oiuoi

    WTF are all you goons babbling about?! You don’t like the fact that Apple wants to protect their technology and investment, then don’t buy it! It’s not like they have a monopoly in the market, there are other alternatives for you with flash support.

    Truth off the matter is – they have the best product out there and the numbers prove it. So, don’t get all but hurt because of its in-perfections.

  • Greggypoo

    Yeah seriously. You all here are talking about the apocalypse because a brilliant product produced by the most innovative company in the market doesn’t support a non-standardized web plug-in…

    come on guys…

    Let’s just think about how exactly are you supposed to interact correctly with a flash site when most all of the interactions are triggered from a mouse-over event. OK – so maybe their flawed in the sense that their product doesn’t use a pseudo mouse like the galaxy or others….

    but greed, ending the world, civilization starting over?! come on – get real…

  • weixia20

    i have to admit that the article is very helpful to me.thanks so are the one i really apprecieat.

  • AnneMarkham


  • Greggylovespoo

    you need to get real you dam fool have you seen how many websites use flash for video content ????  where have you been living in the dark ages  dumbass

  • Bebeschultzihb

    Ughhhhh!!! All my games I like 2 play need adobe flash player god apple I luv ya for makin da iPad BUT…. Why couldn’t ya do me one simple favor MAKE the adobe flash player on the iPad?!! Seriously!!! God apple!!

  • Bebeschultzihb

    Ughhhhh!!! All my games I like 2 play need adobe flash player god apple I luv ya for makin da iPad BUT…. Why couldn’t ya do me one simple favor MAKE the adobe flash player on the iPad?!! Seriously!!! God apple!!

  • samv07

    i cant say the flash is deal breaker for me when you consider the benefits of all the device still would be nice to have it though.

  • Apple Fan

    They may have a great product but can,t get onto my bank t o verify safe pass without installing adobe, which i can’t. It is quite frustrating.

  • Graham

    What stupidity. Apple has much more then enough money, and if flash was available on the iPad, wouldn’t you think sales would increase? I’m. Actually using an iPad right now and it’s works great, but it feels limited and I don’t like it. (my mom got it through her work, not by choice) I don’t buy apps anyway. I just grab the free ones I like.

  • Mazshir

    Buy HTC Flyer and is much better than ipad2. It has flash and a lots more than apple.

  • Chandamaresh

    I realised after one week that it was a waste of money to buy IPad. There are so many things i cant do here. I should have bought a notebook instead. There are many sites who require flash plugin and those sites are useless to visit with IPad.

  • A.w.Stewart

    It sucks that I can’t play a lot of the games I played on windows. Please figure out something that will work.

  • Cruzrob1666

    Then they should allow use to buy flash as an app.

  • ChilenoUSA

    You should run for President! :)

  • ChilenoUSA

    Haven’t you heard the news…it will on December 21, 2012.  If its a meteor, I hope it hits Apple’s CBO and factory. :)

  • ChilenoUSA

    Yet everyone around me is buying one of those fucking things. It’s a plague that attacks the less capable mind.
    In my life, the only time I ever had an apple product was when it was given to me free (used), then my wife got it stolen and she was all freaked out.  I said “don’t worry honey, its just an apple” :)

  • ChilenoUSA

    Have you ever wonder why the logo is just a bitten apple? It’s because their products are never 100% right, never complete. :)

  • ChilenoUSA

    And Apple is AIDS…if you get too close to it, you are fucking drawn into it. be careful….

  • ChilenoUSA

    and for 2/3 the cost…

  • ChilenoUSA

    Wait…you didn’t realize this before buying the iPad? Apple has released how many products? All without flash. You thought this would be different??? Pathetic!

    Consumers like you are the reason why Apple still exists and makes money. You just go along with the big hype of Apple. Now you got a $700 photo album. You shouldn’t be dissapointed, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • ChilenoUSA

    “I should have bought a notebook instead” That’s everyone’s response after owning an iPad. I just still wonder why people buy them and keep buying them. Unless you live under a rock or have no idea about technology, everyone knows that apple and flash do not go together.
    People like you deserve being ripped off.

  • ChilenoUSA

    Da cause Apple got ya by the balls!! Idiot.

  • ChilenoUSA

    What numbers? The sales revenue from their outrageously priced product?! Of course they have those numbers, any business that sells a $200-$250 product for $500-$700 is going to have those “numbers”.
    By the way, Flash is only one of it’s ‘Imperfections’…

  • ChilenoUSA

    Really?? You are actually asking this question???
    My God, people please educate yourself before making a purchase. Apple is not what is frustrating, it’s people like you that buy the stupid products.

  • ChilenoUSA

    what did you expect? really?! You though Apple would have a change or heart after decades??

  • rtvfgtyesw

    It sucks that I can’t play a lot of the games I played on windows. Please figure out something that will work.


    Aren’t you a human?

  • Dgc2print

    Your just mad that your PC has more updates than it should. Apple is only doing what all big business does protecting their market. If Mac didn’t bring products to the market like ipod, ipad, itunes than we would have to wait for companies like IBM or even worse Microsoft to do it. We all know the last great idea Bill Gate had was when he stole the mouse from IBM or the IBM Windows layout. I know that you will think I am only a Mac drone but here is the truth if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen, Mac is a better system plane and simple. Sorry…

  • Dgc2print

    Well I don’t know what you do for a living but I can tell you are mad that you didn’t invent the Apple.. It looks like you all want something for nothing God for bit you have to pay for something that works like it said it would. Apple is a company that sets standards and trends not a company that waits for others to tell it how it should be doing business. They just don’t sell them selves out to the highest bidder. Steve Jobs has a vision for his company and hasn’t changed the way he does business. What you are seeing is the PC can’t keep up anymore or fool people anymore. Sorry…

  • Dgc2print

    Well if you don’t know it yet Apple is the fastest selling mobile phone out there and all the others are trying to get in the game. People really what the iphone that is why Verizon now is selling it. Like I said in an earlier post Apple is a company building products that deliver what it said it will. I know I’m under Steve Jobs control and can’t think for my self right. But I could say the same for you, you are a Bill Gate drone and under his control…

  • guest

    what i do not understand is if iphone 4 does not have/support adobe flash, then why can directions for downloading it into an iphone be found on the internet.  this is a serious question.  i realize i am not knowledgable, so please don’t bother to call me stupid.  i already know that, but if you could answer my question, then i would be most appreciative.  Thank you.


  • Lance_ebiz

    hey dumbass Apple stole the mouse and GUI from Xerox… know WTF you are talking about before you open you pie hole

  • Lance_ebiz

    Yea, I dont have to give 30% extra to Microsoft of IBM everytime I install some software.  Its just APPLE GREED. They are not happy selling their devices they have to make money on every thing we do on their device. FUCK APPLE AND THE SHEEP THAT FOLLOW THEM.

  • joe

    You are an idiot Lance, get a life.

    Who cares what hardware people use. You don’t see me getting my panties in a knot over people who choose to drive GM vehicles seeing that they just got a huge bailout from the government.

  • uaivjd

     I have been putting on weight

  • Mike Anthony

    Oh shut up already. Jesus you’re annoying.

  • Hugo Heredia

    I’m a media developer and the way trends are pointing Apple will eventually have to give. For example I have a client that we just are finishing up there site it uses flash to serve up video and other interactive elements. The question was posed during a production meeting with the client what device do we use for our staff. Some one in the meeting stood up and said Ipads would be perfect because there everywhere. I replied yes but they don’t support flash. The room was completely shocked, I then showed them this thread among other threads about Mr. Job’s totally disregard for his users and blatant greed. The client just bought 200+ devices (Not Apple obviously) that support flash for their workforce. Thank you all of you especially the Apple followers because you proved to my client that Apple is closed minded and has no real vision about what the consensus really wants. I like macs as a matter of fact I use both macs and pcs mostly pc because of their market share and the simple fact I can build 3 a bad ass systems for the price of one truly over rated iMac. The client hired us to do their mobile apps as well, thanks Apple. This was a great article and really says allot about where Flash is going and where Mr Jobs isn’t. Macromedia’s original design is still in full swing and there is no stopping. I would advise people to see the light but there eyes are covered by Apple peelings. Have fun with your expensive Ipads and over rated and expensive media. Even my six year old said to me dad if I can’t play my Miniclip games on it what good is it. I had to laugh but explained to him it does other things, he replied so what I don’t care about all that other stuff. Yes he’s only six but do you see the irony here…..Please don’t hate I sincerely do appreciate Macs but know it really is over rated.

  • boycott_flash

    The sophistry of the article is plain to all capable of reasoning. Consider these points:

    Apple sells its OS for $30US, not $300US. What does this say? Apple is about selling hardware (computers), not software.

    When the record labels tried to raise the price points on digital downloads, Apple fought them to keep the prices down. Presumably, Apple, which gets a percentage of the sales, would make more money with higher prices. What does this say? Apple is about selling hardware (iPods), not software.

    The App Store has thousands of free apps. Apple gets 30% of sales but does not force vendors to have a minimum price, such as $1US. What does this say? Apple is about selling hardware (iPhones, iPads), not software.

    Why would Apple not allow popular software on the iPad or iPhone when its absence would presumably hurt sales? Let us examine Adobe’s comments:

    “Ludwig notes that other companies’ technologies that could be used to
    serve content or games are also excluded — Java, Ruby, Python and .Net.”

    As Ludwig points out, Apple is banning OTHER companies’ technologies. Why would this be if I am correct about Apple being more interested in selling hardware than software? Support costs. Support is the single largest expense in the IT field. This is why support is outsourced to a much greater extent than development. When one is the sole provider of a technology package, finding a resolution is vastly easier and faster, in other words, cheaper. Also, one is much less likely to have problems in the technology package’s use, creating a much better end-user experience. Therefore, by Apple restricting its platform to well-understood (by them) technologies and tools, it keeps down its costs and has happier customers.

    A word about Flash (and Java, for that matter):

    Flash is crap. Steve Jobs’ points are dead on target. It is buggy and unsecure, a technology whose day has passed. If this were not true, why does Adobe have to release an update – for 3 MiB of code – every few weeks? I would make the additional point that websites and applications that require Flash are unusable for those needing screen reader technology. Boycott Flash.

  • Wahyit Cheung

    dang… im in sunnyvale… i better move soon :)

  • Wahyit Cheung

    don’t worry cancer alrdy is… to personal?

  • jmelkerson

    I carry a blackberry and hate it.

  • Brett

    If you really think about it everything Apple does Apple does is centered around greed and the Quest for Power. From there closed door polices that make you have to pay for all of your content through there store when you could get a lot of it for free if they allowed flash and other applications to there lawsuits that entail trying to snuff out all of there competition by getting products banned from countries namely Android devices. Like they just succeeded in doing to the Galaxy tab 10.1 in Europe are total Bullshit. Did they ever stop to think about the consumer and the fact that some of them may want to buy these products because they do not want there Apple Crap. Just proves they do not really give a damn about the General Public and that all they care about is more money and power for themselves.

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  • Touchet

    What ever the reason, i will never buy another iphone because of this, or an ipad.  I can’t believe how incredibly stupid i was.  I can’t play any of my facebook apps when i’m away from home.  I don’t care WHAT anyone says to me.  My next phone will be an Android and I will give my ipad to my partner and get a Samsung Galaxy.

  • Touchet

    I like the portability of it.  It really is a good design.  The Samsung Galaxy is what i would have gotten had i to do it all over again.  Oh and an android to go along with it.

  • Chris McIntosh

    I don’t really read comments but this board makes me die laughing.  People like ChilenoUSA who either have no life or are paid by Microsoft to sit here and cry about Apple.  How is it that you can claim anything against the highest grossing company in the industry.  People decide who is the best is and who has the best products and the numbers don’t lie.  Yes, I own a mac, and half of my company has now converted to them as well.  And I can tell you now we have far less problems and calls for IT help from the mac users.  I laugh at how much has been made about flash, who cares about flash.  Its just another piece of crap application anyways.  If you don’t like apple and what it offers then don’t buy it.  Stick to your open source, OEM hardware pieces of crap that blue screen on you when you hit too many buttons.  I also love all your comments about greed.  Seriously, you are all retarded and will always work for someone else and complain that life is against you.  Every company is all about money.  Guess what? So is Microsoft.  So am I.  It’s the people who own those companies who pay for complainers like yourselves to have jobs!  And guess what that needs?  Money!  I can only guess what way you all vote.  Take from the rich please and give to the poor because I’m too lazy to work.  Nobody cares that you hate Mac or Apple and nobody cares if you don’t buy an iPad.  But yes you are all pathetic and hilarious so please keep posting and entertaining

  • Evelyn3PM

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  • Kevin Meixner

    I am a developer attempting to get our application to work on iPad without flash. You would presume that since they don’t have Flash readily available on iPad they would do a good job of supporting HTML5 media and standard popular JavaScript libraries like JQuery. I have an HTML5+JQuery application that works in every web browser including Safari on a desktop but does not work on an iPad. iPad can’t even seem to play a MP4 in an HTML5 <video> tag while simultaneously playing an MP3 in an HTML5 <audio> tag, what a joke this is for HTML5 support! The JQuery drag and drop and resize does not work either. So much for HTML5 on iPad being a suitable alternative to Flash…</audio></video>

  • zdldye

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    Had I realised that IPad did not support Fllash, I would never have saved up and treated myself to one. That will teach me to do my homework in future!

  • Mbswicca

    The only thing I miss about not having adobe flash on IPad is Facebook games, as they all require adobe flash and iPad doesn’t support adobe flash, so bye bye to the only Facebook games I play… Farm town and sims social. But overall use is quite nice. Can still chat, Skype, and watch Netflix.

  • Penpoint

    This flash is big deal to my company, so we decided not to update are iphones and decide to go with the another brand of ipads.. thank you

  • Cialo_100

    useless !

  • Tomatofire

    I cannot research certain sites. I cannot play games that I love. I don’t think this right. After spending all this $ I don’t need someone to tell me what I can or cannot use. Kind of like big brother don’t u think?

  • Mike Wendell

    Great article, but it doesn’t answer the big question…what as a regretful owner of the iPad 2 going to do about it. The only thing I can come up with is a massive boycott an all Apple products that are affected by Apples greedy stance of their missing income stream. The reality of the Boycot idea is it would never work because so many Apple consumers are like sheep heading to the slaughter house. They have the idiotic idea that we’ve always bought Apple products and they have always worked, so I’m NOT changing now, even at the cost of owning a much less superior product.
    If I jailbreak my iPad 2, can I load a third party program that will replace Flash?

  • Therandom7

    And like in an old Veggietales episode all apples customers join hands and sing<in community=”” gated =”” the=”” xd=””></in>

  • anon4life

    strange things happen in gated communities

  • Milind Ravindranath

    You have managed to say ABSOLUTELY nothing meaningful… And numbers don’t mean shit, when people are unaware. Apple croons, you buy, and then you defend it coz your hard(? maybe not?) earned money is in it. Greed with workmanship is good. Greed with malice isn’t. You needn’t be greedy to live. Get that into your head. Since you don’t normally read comments, I wonder why you started.

  • HermesPlume32

    Let’s face it, we can’t all be like the socialites gracing the covers of supermarket magazines, whose qualifications for nearly overnight superstar status remain somewhat ambiguous. 

  • Garydob

    It is about time that the adobe flash player was on the I – pad , apple needs to remember that it is a customer driven industry and that people will simply buy a different tablet if they are not satisfied.

  • Ryan1

    Jesus, all I want to do is watch 4od on my almost £600 iPad. But I can’t, because I don’t have flash player. I concede the point that flash is crash prone, but for that price, give me the option to choose whether I want to install it or not. The iPad is a fantastic piece of kit and I’m delighted with it, but restricting access to flash is quite disappointing.


    Why are there so many ‘Mac Haters’ on this Cult of Mac site? 

  • Sam

    I love my iPad! However, as a student, not having flash capabilities is very inconvenient. Many college professors use online sites for homework that are developed by Pearson education and McGraw hill. In order to do my homework on these sites, I need flash. This forces me to sit at the library rather than being able to use my iPad that I take with me everywhere.

  • Delorme38

    I always had a Windows pc but thought it was time to try finally an Apple product. And i am really satisfied with the iPad i just bought.

    2 little things bug me is That WiFi is a bit poor but acceptable and Flash compatibility.

    Everything else work really fine

    .iPad is the craziest thing ever create …. Please give us Flash thats all we need to call this GOD

  • Walt

    Why don’t you get off your high horse and concede that it is an annoyance to many people that Apple won’t allow users to run what software they please on the hardware that they own?  Your own tastes are not normative for everyone on the planet!

  • Walt

    Flash is, like it or not, a defacto web standard today.  Not supporting it at all is asinine.

  • Ngandinh99

    Is there any other flask that almost the same thing as adobe flask for i pad

  • Notsaying

    Yes u can either vnc sync to a comp or get cloud browse

  • gonzo

    I have always been uneasy about Apple because their great hardware was always tied to their great software (apart from the brief time of mac ‘clones’ back in the 90’s). Their business model for all their computing/phone devices is still very much that if you want their software you must have their hardware and visa versa.  The problem is that now there isn’t so much to distinguish between their software and others, the same with their hardware.  
    This is why they are now focusing the third part of the lockin, the content.  The web browser is, or should be, by design, device and software platform neutral. This is a problem for apple, the only thing they have left is the content and their weapon in this area is to force people to the app store by crippling their browser.  I actually think this approach will work, is working in fact, my question is for how long?  This market is competitive.  I don’t know what the future holds but I would guess the ‘cloud’ part of the whole equation will get much more important – and that’s google’s domain. 

  • Shablap

    Because you’re pretty

  • macdows

    you guys are sooooooooo funny really ipads are crap because of flash?……you forget that ipads are made for the 80% of us that don’t care about flash. yeah a lot of geeks use flash on there computers but most people surf the web,check there mail,watch netflix etc. Iv’e had my ipad for going on 3 years and only needed flash when my mom wanted to watch american idol once and then I just downloaded skyfire and she was happy……really most flash games are buggy and not very responsive on windows or mac’s. I have 4 windows machines 1 macbook pro and my ipad I spend 80% of the time on my ipad with it’s killer batterie life 10% of the time on my macbook pro and the other 10% maintaining my wife’s visa laptop and the other living room computer runnung xp which I must back-up and reinstall xp on about once a year because of the junk my boys download on it….(yeah mostly flash games) 

  • sohrob

    This guy is brainwashed by Adobe. I’ve used Flash on my Mac and it causes major issues due to the way Flash uses memory and processing power. iOS at the heart is essentially a modified version of the Mac OS (derived from Unix). Until Adobe fixes the way Flash works I think Apple is right to keep it off of its devices. 

  • sohrob

    You’ll be sorry. Flash is a crippled experience on Android devices and is a big battery drainer (and battery life on most Android devices is already bad). 

  • Ttt

    My kids 6th grade Spanish Teacher told the whole class to go here to this BBC website,
    They have some great spanish videos for learning spanish. My kid Watched them with his PC.
    Then I pulled out the ipad2 and tried.  Guess what? No Flash Supported.

  • Smith3333333

    Flash is going to be dead soon, get over it. 

  • Wsedrftvtg

    So who cares why don’t put porn in the app store?

  • Carly

    I just purchased an Android Honeycomb based tablet…  I would have loved to have gotten an iPad as I really do love my iPhone, however, the fact that it does not support Flash is a major deal-breaker for me.  Many, MANY of the websites and school sites I use integrate Flash on their pages…. I am not about to spend a few hundred dollars for a tablet that limits what I can and cannot do.  I feel like I actually ended up with a much nicer tablet than Apple’s iPad for about $60 less (or more since I got the 32GB size tablet, so really I probably got it for about $160 less.)

  • Carly

    This is exactly why I bought an Android Honeycomb based tablet…. for less money, I still ended up with a wonderful tablet, 32GB size, with more features than the iPad AND Flash support!  It’s just a matter of time before Apple sees they ARE losing customers because some will refuse to buy this based on Flash support vs. No Flash support… I know I did… if not for this, I surely would have went with Apple since I love their products otherwise.

  • Mosoleni_out

    Dont you have better things to do than commenting on every single comment !!

  • Mosoleni_out

    Seriously !!


    I agree- after owning 7 apple computers, this is the first apple product that I am disappointed in. I can’t watch news feed videos, videos sent from family members on Facebook and many other irritating restrictions. I end up back on the iMac at the desk. So why did I buy a top of the line iPad2? I would have chosen something else if I had known it would not play a huge amount of the video content on the web. Ridiculous. We should have the option of installing flash and deal with issues. Did I buy this thing or am I renting it from apple?

  • Sojourner

    I knew that my iPad2 doesn’t support Flash, but wasn’t aware how often Flash is used on the Internet. E.g. I couldn’t use an airline booking system recently because it included elements of Flash. And I just discovered that Videos in Picasa, which I use a lot for photo albums, wont work on iPad because they convert to Flash. Quite a disappointments, really.

    A few other anomalies. I assumed the iPads Bluetooth would let me send it photos from my nonApple cell phone,but no such luck. At least I can email them from the phone as attachments. But when I tried emailing an mp4 video from the phone there appeared to be no way that I could save the file on the iPad.

    In some ways, it’s a strange closed world that Apple lives in.

  • Jcausey

    75% of web content is FLASH. Get used to apple heads. If Macs could function good with flash and I Phones as well then I would buy both.

  • dnyambayo

    “But yes you are all pathetic and hilarious so please keep posting and entertaining “

    Chris, ain’t you doing the same thing,,,,, you’re complaining about people attacking Apple and yet you don’t hesitate to attack Microsoft,,,,,, you’re just as pathetic if not worse.

  • Power1

    CHRIS- What a tool you are..keep posting to keep us entertained….

  • Amathis58

    If this true about controlling content through iTunes, , then why can you use Netflix, hbo, crackle, etc.

  • Kevingalauran

    If iPad does not really work with flash, why they worried too much on revenue sales of downloads through the app store by users, while millions of customers looking too much of having a flash on the device, they should worry of loosing unsatisfied customers because over a half percent on the web is supported by flash.

  • Kevingalauran

    This a big problem because people are now thinking if they should continue buying the apple devices while a lot more companies offers a device that is supported of flash.

  • Referee

    How am I suppose to play my Facebook games? Dumb

  • Glensona45

    Not being a tech whizz I opted for I pad as it was recommended to me and was told it would do all I wanted it to do ,ideal as I’m a international truck driver ,now only to find certain things are blocked ie adobe. And everything I need to add on is also only apple approved if I had being told of this. It would not of made it past the till

  • Mail

    Here is another clown that thinks the amount of money a company makes means that the product is just as good. That always makes me laugh. So you must run out and buy things based on that right? Ohhhh. Look at that Ford Fiesta commercial Chris! They sell lots of those and make lots of money. What color you gonna get Chris?

    Snap out of it.

  • cungkring

    Resources like the one you mentioned here will be very useful to me! I will post a link to this page on my blog. I am sure my visitors will find that very useful.

  • David Ikeda

     Not meaning to be so rude, but what Lance said… That said, kudos for acknowledging that Apple is doing this for revenue and not repeating Apple’s PR statements that Flash is somehow a buggy resource hog (when the embraced web development alternative is, for crying out loud, JavaScript!!!)

  • David Ikeda

     @Sam, you can run Flash on your iPad. Look into Frash. You’ll also see that Apple’s statements on this subject are mostly just deceitful when you discover that Flash actually performs better on your iPad than most HTML5/JavaScript/CSS alternatives in Safari.

  • David Ikeda

    You might want to try Frash. To Apple’s credit, the iPad is a very powerful piece of hardware. To their discredit, what they said about Flash is mostly just marketing deception, especially when you consider the fact that they are officially supporting JavaScript as the official client-side scripting language for web browsers (JavaScript is far less efficient than ActionScript which is a resource hog compared to a native app but certainly not compared to JavaScript). If you give Frash a try, you’ll find that the iPad runs Flash content beautifully, and without significant battery life drain.

  • David Ikeda

    Yes, Frash. And you’ll really see how deceitful Apple was in their statements if you run it, because the unofficial Flash client runs Flash apps better than Apple’s own Safari runs Javascript on HTML5 pages.

  • David Ikeda

    We could say the same thing about 3D animation packages. The OSX versions tend to crash ten times more than Windows. Should we ban all 3D packages exhibiting these problems? Also what’s the alternative? You do realize that the only alternative Apple supports to Flash and ActionScript is HTML5 and JavaScript, yes? You might want to look into the efficiency, capabilities, and security of Apple’s JavaScript implementation before drawing comparisons. It’s really not very good right now, and that battery life argument is really not the issue. Just like with Angry Birds, you don’t play it through the web even though it’s an HTML5/JavaScript application. Apple doesn’t even support HTML5 very well. You get it through the *iStore*. And that’s what this is all about, the iStore. Flash would give people things like games that they can play through the web without going through the iStore. Even HTML5 is being discouraged from being used this way: Apple doesn’t want you to get applications from your browser, only the iStore.

    They also didn’t just ban Flash. They banned Java, Mono, and every other interpreter/VM other than JavaScript and have made sure this is always the case: “No interpreted code may be downloaded or used in an Application except for code that is interpreted and run by Apple’s Documented APIs and built-in interpreter(s).” They also seem to be putting in measures to ensure that HTML5 and JavaScript are only used for strict web content, not web applications.

    Do you think all of these are inferior too to Apple’s JavaScript implementation?

  • shamsh
    I truly don’t similar the fact that apple would limit the lamp usage because the travail is not only old for the sites that they mentioned it’s also victimized for else use as far as any proof videos that companies may impoverishment to impart how their product complex ..excavation infer what anyone that owns an iPad leave never be healthy to see clips of it. :( the iPad is not at all what I potential I succeed writer on my Sony vaio laptop than I do with my’s essentially a big photo album …

  • Andrea Jones Torres

    thank you! absolutely agree. we are a virus, a scourge. a despicable species that needs wiped off our earth. we’ve already killed it and now we’re just waiting for it to die. we are a decrepit animal.