5 stunning tips that will make you an iTunes master



The native iTunes application offers many features and controls for handling your songs and movies, but sometimes it can seem too overwhelming to understand. In today’s video, we give you five quick tips that will help you master iTunes. You’ll learn how to customize your store settings, access a convenient mini player and so much more in just seconds.

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  • CrazedLeper

    “Stunning” might be overstating it a bit. Anyone who didn’t know that stuff just isn’t trying.

  • Crazy4Mac

    This is iTunes 101 at best.

  • Atmospheric Music

    Meh, who doesn’t know this?

    But I hope iTunes 12 that will ship with Yosemite is much better organized than it is now, also faster. If you have a lot of songs and view songs by albums, is so laggy.

    • Joshua Smith

      Hey @atmosphericmusic:disqus thanks for checking out the video, I appreciate it. That’s a good idea, I haven’t heard much news regarding iTunes 12 but hopefully they touch those topics when they push out Yosemite. Even just a little bit more organization would actually be nice.

      • Atmospheric Music

        Yes, but don’t get me wrong, it’s a great video! These tips & tricks are very useful for both new users of OS X and for Mac users in general.

  • I thought it would be really important tips… For example, my iTunes has created several identical albums for different songs. How I undo this mess?