New Mac Pro sits pretty in this custom desk


All photos: Takara Maru, used with permission.
All photos: Takara Maru, used with permission.

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The new Mac Pro, with its sleek cylinder design, has gotten a bad rap. While it’s light-years from the bulky, ugly first-generation Mac Pro and “built for creativity on an epic scale,” this ingenious machine, which Apple sells for between $2,999 and $3,999, looks like a common waste receptacle.

The much-trashed design recently got some love from architect Takara Maru, who carved out a spot on this sleek walnut desk for it. Some might joke that it’s to shield users from the Mac Pro’s looks, but really the aim is to reduce clutter on the desk surface so Maru can focus on home design.

The result is a winner — even factoring in that someone might mistake the top of the Mac Pro for a candy dish or an ashtray (do people still smoke indoors?). The Apple logo was left floating slightly above the surface, for inspiration.

Via: Soh at Okay Mac

  • Great, now it looks like an ashtray…

    • CelestialTerrestrial

      Good observation. I agree.

  • Bruce Schrock

    *Buys a new Mac Pro and a designer desk, has no cash left for a better screen.*

  • Alexander Lembcke


    • Adrayven

      Plenty of room around it, and base area is open where air is pulled in w/access to ports, heat is expelled out the top, so not sure how it would overheat.

      • Alexander Lembcke

        Maybe you’re right. It just seems too enclosed. Anyway, I prefer my Mac to go ‘commando’

    • Barrett Jasper

      nope. plenty of room. Heat comes out the top which is wide open and plenty or excess diameter around it.

  • Why hide it? Do not like. A siege to get to the ports at the back I can imagine.

    • Barrett Jasper

      Not really, once setup you wouldn’t really need to access the ports frequently. At home I have my charger cables and iPod cable plugged in all the time and unplug them at the device end.

  • Dan Hunt

    keep your Big Gulp away. They just made it easier for spills….

  • Cy Kappe


  • CelestialTerrestrial

    maybe it could be used as a place to put your cup of java or tea to keep it warm. Oh wait, that’s not a good idea, too easy for spillage. That wouldn’t be good.

  • amerist

    I really honestly think the new Mac Pro is beautiful and would never want to hide it like that. A Mid-2012 Mac Pro currently sits on my desk, and one of these babies would definitely save me some space. But, I can see why you would want to hide all the cables and for that I am not suprised to see this.

  • Loren Sims

    Nah, it just hides the brilliant design and makes the device nearly inaccessible. Why try to hide it?

  • Akerok Sauren

    Have we really gotten to the point in society that we dislike a very powerful and useful computer with innovative design simply because of the way it “looks”. I would like to remind those who think this that, not long ago, computers were the size of A ROOM. Really people? Are we that primitive?

  • Lehsyrus

    I don’t like the new Mac Pro’s. The switch from the 2010 models was a nightmare, and it’s slower even though touting better hardware. At least in my situations where I have used it.

  • Oli Laban

    You would think an architect could have done better than to simply cut a hole into a desk.

  • Spend a fortune on the nicest looking computer ever made and hide it. It should be sitting in pride of place… I don’t get it.