The best idea in the frickin' universe is now a reality: Trapper Keeper iPad cases | Cult of Mac

The best idea in the frickin’ universe is now a reality: Trapper Keeper iPad cases



Back in January, a Seattle-based Etsy seller started mocking up iPad cases designed to look like Trapper Keepers, Mead’s line of brightly colored, wonderfully designed 80’s folders and binders for students. We promptly declared it the best idea in the frickin’ universe, and lamented that you couldn’t actually buy them, due to licensing issues.

Well, good news, fans. Official Trapper Keeper iPad cases are now here. But they’re honestly a little less cool than the mock-ups we saw before.

The official Trapper Keeper cases come from Kensington, who bought the rights from Mead and has used the iconic Trapper Keeper design to create a line of cases that will fit most 8-inch and 10-inch tablets. Looking just like their namesakes, each case is relatively cheap, costing just $24.99 for the 8-inch version and $29.99 for the 10-inch version. You’ll have to wait for the school year to start before you can get your hands on one, though: they won’t actually ship to customers until September.

Sadly, though, I find this a little bit disappointing in execution. They look like solid, well-made cases, but the charm of the Trapper Keeper line was always the crazy designs they’d license from outside artists like Lisa Frank, or movie franchises like Back to the Future or Transformers. Kensington couldn’t actually license these designs, so instead, all it got were the bland, more boring Trapper Keepers. I understand, but come on: give me my Lisa Frank tablet case already!

Although hey, at least we’ve got Pee Chee back.

Source: Kensington