Apple’s newest pitch is that an iPhone will make you a better parent


Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 1.05.05 AM

The iPhone is the perfect tool to make you a better, hipper parent, or at least that’s what Apple wants you to believe in its newest TV ad. Entitled “Parenthood,” the minute-long spot is the latest in a string of ads for the iPhone 5s.

The song is “Life of Dreams” by Julie Doiron, and apps shown include Withings Withbaby, Nike+ Running, and Parrot Flower Power.

There’s definitely a connected-home vibe throughout the ad, especially when a dad uses his iPhone to turn the lights off. Apple just announced its HomeKit platform for developers to integrate with smart home gadgets, and the company is even rumored to be working on its own hardware for the home.

The last iPhone 5s ad was all about fitness, and it featured an old song from the era of JFK. This newest song choice is much better, don’t you think?

  • S J

    This form of marketing is completely unacceptable. Children need interaction with other children to develop social skills, not a stupid iphone and quite frankly, only an idiot would even consider this appropriate. Targeting very young children shows just how desperate Apple are to try and trap people into their software and whoever is behind this in Apple should be fired on the spot.

    • 1manWarMachine

      Unacceptable. Lol. PLEASE tell me your kidding

  • 1manWarMachine

    “Apple has just uploaded a new iPhone ad on YouTube titled “Parenthood”. As the title suggests, the ad showcases how parents use their iPhone 5s.” This is how your title should have read.” Just saying.

  • Honesty007

    What will Apple claim next in order to make a few more dollars? I guess they will soon claim that their products will rid you of cancer and aids etc. I really believe this is going a step too far. To be a better parent, I need an iPhone? I wonder how mankind made it this far without Apple. May be the media needs to start calling out Apple for some of these claims. But that is never going to happen.