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This video shows what the iPhone 6 running iOS 8 will look like


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In the production cycle leading up to every new iPhone release, leaked iPhone casings give us a very good idea of the size and ergonomics of the new device months ahead of time. But one thing we don’t often get a look at before a new iPhone is released is what it looks like doing what it’s actually supposed to do: run the latest version of iOS.

With the iPhone 6, Apple is making the most radical change to the physical size of the device ever. To figure out what this means for the look and feel of iOS 8 when it is blown up to the size of the iPhone 6’s 4.7-inch display, YouTube video maestro Tom Rich has created a video that shows exactly that.

Using a dummy iPhone 6, Rich has used video editing techniques to super impose footage of iOS 8 upon the iPhone 6. While this is strictly a special effect, it does show that the ergonomics of actually using the display don’t suffer too much when using it on a bigger screen, although those with smaller hands will have to use it two-handed.

It’s a simple video, but short of a pre-release iPhone falling into the hands of the media again, like what happened with the iPhone 4, this is probably the closest thing we’ll have to a look at the iPhone 6 running iOS 8 until September.

Thanks: Tom R