It’s not just you: Verizon’s systems are glitching out




Verizon Wireless is having massive issues with its systems across the country today that has spurred a horde of frustrated customers to take to Twitter after the outage has blocked new phone activation for the past 24 hours.

Current issues with Verizon’s payment and upgrade systems aren’t affecting calls or data, but The Verge reports that Verizon and its retail stores have confirmed there’s a major issue they’re working to resolve, leaving new iPhone purchasers trapped with an error message until its fixed.

The system outage is currently affecting customers throughout the midwest, northeast, and a few southern states. Subscribers trying to make online bill payments in some areas have been greeted with an error screen for more than a day. The activation system for new phones or upgrade devices is also down at several locations.

Verizon confirmed the outage to Business Insider as well and released the following statement:

We are unfortunately experiencing issues with our billing system, affecting customer accounts mostly in Northeast, Midwestern and some southern states. We are working on a fix. This is an internal billing systems issue not affecting network services; call, text, data services unaffected. Verizon Wireless apologizes for any inconvenience.

  • Makes sense, Verizon sucks.

  • Kim Randolph

    Where did they make the announcement? I tried to pay my bill everyday since Thursday. I never received any word until I received an email saying it was back up yesterday but it still failed until the afternoon.