Crystal Baller: Future HomeKit hardware, plus 6 juicy iPhone 6 rumors



WWDC came and went without a single mention of new hardware, which means the Apple rumor mill is going nuts for every little juicy detail about new iPhones, MacBook Airs, and even the tiny Touch ID.

Once again, we’re donning our finest gypsy apparel and stepping behind the crystal ball to divine the truth behind this week’s most plausible and impossible rumors to see what Jony Ive is really cooking up on the Design Lab kitchen table.

Come see which rumors are guaranteed to materialize and which are about to vanish like ghosts. Stare into our crystal ball to see past the rumors and into the future…

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  • echristoperj

    So where is the rest of the article?

  • acslater017

    This might be more interesting if you put odds or probability on it. “probably” and “maybe” are so vague.

    PS, the correct term is “Romani” :)

  • Loren Sims

    Based on all of the rumor ‘fails’ at WWDC, I’m not likely to have a lot of confidence in these…