Walmart drops iPhone 5s to $99, and 5c to $29 on two-year contract



If you’re looking for a good deal on an iPhone — and aren’t too concerned about being the first person on your block to own an iPhone 6 — it’s a great time to be a customer.

A few months back, RadioShack lowered its prices on the iPhone 5s, and now Walmart is doing the same. From today, Walmart is making the 16GB iPhone 5s available for $99 on a two-year contract, representing a $50 saving. The 16GB iPhone 5c is even better value, costing just $29 (down from $49) for a similar two-year contract.


The higher capacity 32GB variants of both iPhones are also reduced, although we do not yet have specifics regarding pricing.

While Walmart ran a similar promotion to this earlier in the year, this new pricing option is permanent, and takes effect from 9am local time, available in brick-and-mortar stores only.

Source: Engadget