Turn your app ideas into reality with The Untouchable iOS 7 Dev Master Bundle [Deals]



Cult of Mac Deals has lined up a tremendous offer that will help you take the iOS apps ideas you’ve conjured up into something very real.

With The Untouchable iOS 7 Dev Master Bundle, you’ll get 6 in-depth courses and over 70 hours of app creation training. That’s right – you’ll get a training package worth over $900 for only $79 during this limited time offer from Cult of Mac Deals.

Here’s what’s included in The Untouchable iOS 7 Dev Master Bundle:

  1. Projects in iOS: This is the course for all programmers who will like to build on their iOS knowledge and create actual apps for the App store. It’s an ideal course for beginners as you cover the APIs in detail before using them to build these awesome projects. This course covers the most popular APIs for iOS7 and you will allow you to understand the core concepts behind these popular apps. This is the course which will help you bring your ideas to life.
  2. iPhone App Programming for iOS 7: With this in-depth online video course, you will be learning to create iPhone apps with easy to follow, step-by-step, instructions that will have you building your own immersive apps in no time. You will learn how to create an iPhone app interface using Xcode’s Interface Builder. Drag and drop buttons, labels, and images to create your first iPhone app. By following along side the instructor in Xcode 5, you will have the opportunity to get hands on experience that will allow you to turn your ideas into your very own iPhone apps.
  3. Learn iOS Programming From Scratch: There isn’t a better course out there to learn the fundamentals and primary programming language for iOS development. This course is well suited for both beginners and intermediate developers so you’re covered no matter your level. It is easy to get behind a course that will help you develop interesting and exciting Apps of your own or for your customers. Now you can learn material created by in house experts which focuses on the real and practical usage of iOS technology.
  4. Learn iPad Development and Advanced iOS Programming: This is the most advance iOS course on the web and covers the most difficult parts of the APIs by picking concepts hidden in the iOS development manuals. In this unique course, you will learn both iPad Development and the other iOS APIs together, giving you comprehensive knowledge of many different platforms and technologies. You will start with advance concepts of Objective C and it will be followed by sections on NSOperation, Grand Central Dispatch, Motion Sensors, Animation and OpenGL ES.
  5. Learning iOS 7 to Build iPhone and iPad Apps: This Learn To Build iOS Apps training course will teach you about the world of iPhone and iPad App development and how to use Xcode and Objective-C to create a functional iOS App. You will start with an introduction to iOS and SDK. The course then jumps right into teaching you to create your first functional Mobile App. As the lessons progress, you will cover topics such as: using the UIKit to build your interface, exploring the UITableView, implementing UIWebView navigation, and a number of advanced view controllers and features.
  6. Learning to Program in Objective C and Xcode for iOS 7: In this Objective-C programming training course, you will learn how to leverage the technologies that Objective-C, Xcode and Apple frameworks have to offer. Throughout this video tutorial you will learn about using declared properties and instance variables, how to manage memory, create and work with classes, and how to use the debugger effectively, all of which help make your project a major success.

You can learn more about every component in this bundle by clicking here.

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