Nearly half of UK BlackBerry owners dream of upgrading to… iPhone 4


BlackBerry's biggest threat: the iPhone 4?
BlackBerry's biggest threat: the iPhone 4?

Although BlackBerry hasn’t been a serious competitor to the iPhone in years, the UK phone trade-in website “Cash for phones comparison” has published some pretty damning statistics, showing just how massive the gulf is between the two “competitors.”

Only 8 percent of customers who traded in an old BlackBerry phone claimed any kind of loyalty to the brand, while an overwhelming majority of 66 percent decided to switch to an iPhone. However, it seems that these people weren’t looking so much to get a new iPhone as they were to get any iPhone — since 42.1 percent of respondees decided to ditch their trustworthy BlackBerry for an iPhone 4: a phone which was introduced all the way back in 2010.

By comparison, just 5.26 percent of ex-BlackBerry owners were switching to an iPhone 5s.

The most traded-in BlackBerry device featured in the survey was the Bold 9790, introduced November 2011.

This isn’t the first embarrassing bit of publicity BlackBerry has suffered through this year at the hands of the iPhone. In April, the company announced that it would not renew the U.S. T-Mobile license to sell BlackBerry phones, after T-Mobile staged a promotion suggesting that BlackBerry users trade-in their phones for iPhones. A massive 94% of BlackBerry users reportedly traded in their handsets for a different device during the promotion.

Source: Phonearena