iPhone 6 mockup showcases silver and space gray variants



We’re less than three months away from the iPhone 6, and with more rumors and leaks heaping up about Apple’s next generation iPhone on a daily basis, a consensus view has emerged about what it is that we’re expecting.

With that in mind, Reddit user A_Hard_Goodbye recently put up a new gallery of iPhone 6 mockups on Imgur — giving us one of the best looks at the forthcoming iPhone 6 that we’ve yet laid our eyes on, including silver and space gray colors. Hitting all the expected design checkpoints (curved edges, larger screen, repositioned on/off switch) it definitely makes us more excited than ever about Apple’s biggest iPhone refresh in years.

What do you think of this as a possible iPhone 6? The device depicted here is the smartphone’s 4.7-inch variant, which is expected to be accompanied by a larger, 5.5-inch “phablet”option.

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Source: Reddit



  • Andrew

    It’s nice. I like it.

  • Joe Dean

    It looks cheap!

  • seth walker

    I just don’t understand how all of these mockups are dubbed as what the phone will look like! This is all based off a sketchy schematic that was posted months ago. I think the general shape of the phone and parts we will know, but how the phone looks I don’t think we’ve seen the final design. Apple had done a great job at keeping quiet in terms of not leaking parts. I’ll believe these until I get real, raw, and solid information. I don’t care if “reliable sources” know what it looks like or not because they all look the same.
    Maybe I’m crazy but I think a lot of people stand in this boat with me.

    The iP6 will be something special no doubt. I really hope everyone is surprised.

  • All these ‘leaked’ photos make the new iPhone 6 look CRAPPY. I really hope this is not Johnny Ive’s work because from the look of these ‘models’ a lot of folks are going to be disappointed. It’s still early yet, so hopefully there is a lot more refinement taking place at Apple design studios.

  • frodo

    What is with the god-awful antennae stripes — look like amateur night at the Design Club.

  • Cee

    it is not so much as the decor that bothers me. I am a Petite, older woman with small hands and grandkids. Bigger is not always better. my iPhone 4s. is almost too big for me to hold with one hand. i really hope that they keep a smaller size as well. I have an iPad mini that I carry instead of my macBook. even with the Zagg keyboard cover, it is light enough to carry easily. as the phones become larger and appear to being on the way to becoming a mini mini, I fear what will happen next. it doesn’t matter what the supposed mockups look like. they always come out with the sleek, uncluttered look, for designs on the outside, well I have a neat otterbox.