Turn your iPhone into a moviemaking machine with the iStabilizer Dolly [Deals]



Like most, you probably capture all of your life’s significant moments by taking video with your smartphone. Likely, the majority of those shots end up being riddled with bumps and shakes that render the subject of your video a blurry mess. Well, say goodbye to the blurs and shakes thanks to the iStabilizer Dolly, available now at the low cost of $38.99 from Cult of Mac Deals.

The iStabilizer Dolly attaches to your smartphone providing it with a smooth ride to take professional looking panning and tracking shots. All you need in a flat surface for the iStabilizer Dolly to ride on and you’ve got shots that look like they are out of a Hollywood blockbuster!

Some of the features you can expect include…

  • The iStabilizer Dolly’s arm adjusts to shoot at nearly any angle giving you incredible versatility
  • The smooth rolling wheels create even tracking while filming
  • Works with almost any smartphone or case up to 2.75 inches wide, making it the perfect companion for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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If you’re tired of making plain and boring smartphone videos, then you need to take advantage of this amazing offer of 40% off the iStabilizer Dolly, just $38.99, thanks to Cult of Mac Deals.

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What sets the Touch apart from the UPs, Fuelbands, and Fitbits out there is its ability to display your most important phone notifications. All you need is an iPhone with iOS7 or above, and you are ready to roll. Even better, this handy device won’t set you back hundreds of dollars like other similar devices. The Striiv Touch is only $79.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

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