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You’ll love to hate TwoDots’ ridiculously addictive puzzles



I know that TwoDots, the followup to last year’s megahit Dots, has been out for a little while, but I have a pretty good excuse for not having reviewed it yet: I’ve been playing it this whole time.

It’s taken me so long to get to this article, in fact, that the developer has since released an update with a bunch more levels, and now this review is timely again. So take that, Time.

Anyway, TwoDots is a lot of fun. Provided you’re incredibly lucky.

Let me put it this way: TwoDots is probably the most infuriating game I’ve ever loved. It has a simple enough idea — trace lines between same-colored dots to clear them from the board and complete objectives to beat levels. But the starting setups are largely randomized, so it’s possible to get a board you will never, ever beat.

But you play it anyway, because you never know.

Challenges include maneuvering anchors to the bottom of the board to “sink” them, breaking ice blocks and extinguishing evil fires that burn dots for fuel and completely mess up your strategy.

Your biggest hurdle, however, is cruel fate. Because some of those levels hate you, and you’ll hate them right back. But you’ll keep playing anyway because it’s fun enough to keep trying.

TwoDotsTwoDots by Dots (Free)
The good: Tons of variety and content for free.
The bad: Randomization can lead to frustration. Skill is only slightly more important than luck.
The verdict: It’s well worth your time to try out, and you’ll likely find yourself playing it long after you’ve realized that it doesn’t like you very much.
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